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Department of English Language and Literature


Madison Harmon

Title: PhD Student, Graduate Teaching Assistant
Department: English Language and Literature
College of Arts and Sciences
Madison Harmon


B.A. English and Psychology, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
M.A. English Literature, North Carolina State University

20th century American literature, Gothic studies, women writers, Queer theory, Feminist theory, Psychoanalysis

Madison Harmon is a first-year English PhD student pursuing her PhD in American Literature. Madison is currently an instructor for the First-Year English program, where she teaches ENGL 101 & ENGL 102, which are courses focused on critical reading, rhetorical and composition skills. Madison’s primary research is based around exploring the combined presence of queer, feminist and psychoanalytic theory within both mid-20th century American and Female Gothic texts.

Madison received her M.A from NC State University where she focused on women writers and the Lesbian Gothic in order to produce her Master’s thesis titled, “Queering Shirley: Understanding the Construction of Queer Horror in the Gothic Works of Shirley Jackson.” Madison also holds dual B.A degrees from UNC- Chapel Hill. Aside from academia, Madison enjoys playing tennis and going on walks with her Mini Goldendoodle puppy, Nellie, who’s named after Eleanor Vance, the protagonist of Madison’s favorite book, The Haunting of Hill House.

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   • Harmon, Madison T. “‘The Lily of the Valley | a virgin filled with virgin fancies:the Perversion & Politicization of Sexuality in William Blakes The Book of Thel & Visions of the Daughters of Albion,” in International Review of Literacy Studies, vol. 4, no. 2 (July-December 2022) pp. 41-49. 
   • Harmon, Madison T. “‘Journeys end in lovers meeting:The Abjection of Lesbianism in the Gothic Works of Shirley Jackson” (2022) in London Center for Interdisciplinary Research, (Ed.) Olena Lytovka (Forthcoming—Tentative Publication 2023).
   • Harmon, Madison T. “‘An indefinable air of neglect:Dissecting Eleanor Vance from Shirley Jacksons The Haunting of Hill House” (2022) in Fantastika Journal, (Eds.) Charul Palmer-Patel & Kerry Dobb (Forthcoming–Tentative Publication 2023).
   • Harmon, Madison T. “Jamesian Construction of the Gothic & the Question of Queer Futurity in The Portrait of a Lady,” in Sexuality: Literature, Cinema, Culture, (Ed.) Rishiraj Pal (Forthcoming– Tentative Publication 2024).

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