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McCausland Innovation Fund

The McCausland Innovation Fund is designed to inspire and support bold, creative and groundbreaking advances in the College of Arts and Sciences’ teaching and research to meet the emerging needs of our students and make the university a model of interdisciplinary, interactive learning.

Program Priorities 

The Innovation Fund will support projects that: 

  • Contribute to a culture of innovation in the college. 
  • Advance the college's goal to deliver innovative, inspiring and effective instruction to students. 
  • Expand current or offer new opportunities for students to actively participate in teaching, research, and beyond-the-classroom experiences. 
  • Align with college and university academic and strategic priorities.

Special Proposal Call

Artificial Intelligence

Engaging with Artificial Intelligence

These projects address the ethical and effective use of Artificial Intelligence in the classroom and in our culture more broadly

Annual Proposal Calls 

The Innovation Fund invites proposals in two strategic areas of focus:

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Student-Centered Innovative Projects

These projects connect with one, or some combination, of the following categories:

  1. Community partnerships, 
  2. Interdisciplinary teaching and research, and 
  3. Innovative or creative projects that enhance the student experience.

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.