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Publicizing Events in the College of Arts and Sciences

We’re happy to help units in the College of Arts and Sciences market their events to the college, the broader university, and the Columbia community. Here are some guidelines to get you started. 

Event resources

The university’s Event Resource Guide provides resources to help you plan and promote an event. Review this for key ideas, including establishing a goal for your event, identifying an audience, and marketing the event through targeted communications.

The Event Toolkit includes information on university resources that can be used during an event, including banners, props, signage, podiums, photography and other services. 

You can also request assistance from the Office of Special Events or the Conference and Event Planning Office. 

Flyers and digital boards 

The brand toolbox includes templates for flyers, digital boards, and other materials that you can use to promote the event. The templates can be customized and edited in Adobe InDesign. 

To share a digital board slide for the college’s screens, please contact Bryan Gentry and Kaye Hayes. Please reach out at least one week before you need to the slide to start showing. 

If you need assistance with designing a slide, please reach out at least four weeks in advance.

25Live Calendars 

25Live is the university’s system for digital event calendars and room reservation systems. Any event that is open to the general campus community or the public should be in 25Live, including virtual or off-campus events. 

Getting access to 25Live 

To add events to 25Live, you must first review training documentation available from the Provost Office website. Then, contact the university’s 25Live administrator for next steps. 

Add your event on web calendars 

25Live events can appear on multiple events calendars. When you add an event that is open to the college community or any broader audience, please add it to the college’s calendar and any of the other calendars below, depending on your event audience: 

  • COL - Calendar - CAS - The college’s calendar, which controls which events appear in the college’s newsletter and calendar web page. 
  • COL - Calendar - _UofSC Public - For any events open to the general public. Be sure to submit events to this calendar several weeks before the event. 
  • COL - Calendar - Student - For events that have a student focus. 
  • COL - Calendar - _UofSC Faculty Staff - For events that have a faculty and staff focus. 

Event descriptions 

Make sure your event in 25Live has a brief description with relevant information. Consider the following: 

  • Names of speakers 
  • Topics of discussion 
  • Admission or registration information 
  • The location and parking information 

If you need to edit your event 

If you need to add information to a 25Live event or registration, please contact Bryan Gentry and Kaye Hayes for assistance. 

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