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Department of Mathematics

Mathematics Minors

The Minor in Mathematics

A minor in mathematics provides students with basic abilities in linear and abstract algebra as well as a broad introduction to topics such as logic, set theory, functions and fundamental methods of mathematical proof. Students also develop widely sought-after skills, including the ability to evaluate situations logically and critically and to implement effective problem-solving strategies involving a wide range of information.  

This 18-hour minor involves a combination of the core courses in the major and 500-level electives. The specific courses can be chosen to complement each individual student's major and other academic interests.


The Minor in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics

Actuarial science is a growing field with opportunities for rewarding, well-compensated careers. Actuaries serve organizations of many kinds by managing risk to help industries decrease the probability of unfavorable events. While a specific major is not required to enter the field, a minor in actuarial mathematics and statistics offers students an opportunity to assess their interest in this career while strengthening overall skills in mathematics and statistics.  

This 18-hour minor involves a combination of 500-level MATH and STAT courses that provide students with an excellent preparation for taking the Society of Actuaries Exam P and a career as an actuary.

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