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Department of Mathematics


Eva Czabarka

Title: Professor
Department: Mathematics
College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 803-777-7524
Office: LeConte 437
Office Hours: MWF 10:00-11:00
Resources: My Website
Curriculum Vitae [pdf]

Department of Mathematics
Eva Czabarka


PhD Mathematrics University of South Carolina, Columbia 1998
MS equivalent Mathematics Jozsef Attila University (now University of Szeged) 1991


2018-present Professor University of South Carolina, Columbia
2018-2021 Visiting Professor University of Johannesburg
Spring 2015 Visiting professor University of Minnesota
2012-2017 Associate Professor University of South Carolina, Columbia
2006-2012 Assistant Professor University of South Carolina, Columbia
2004-2006 Assistant Professor College of William & Mary
2001-2004 Research Fellow NIH, NLM, NCBI
2000-2001 Visiting Fellow NIH, NLM, NCBI

Courses Taught

  • Math 111: Basic College Mathematics
  • Math 115: Precalculus Mathematics
  • Math 122: Calculus for Business Administration and Social Sciences
  • Math 141: Calculus I
  • Math 170: Finite Mathematics
  • Math 174: Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
  • Math 221: Basic Concepts of Elementary Mathematics I
  • Math 241: Vector Calculus
  • Math 242: Elemetary Differential Equations
  • Math 300: Transition to Advanced Mathematics
  • Math 544: Linear Algebra
  • Math 546: Algebraic Structures
  • Math 574: Discrete Mathematics
  • Math 774: Discrete Mathematics I
  • Math 775: Discrete Mathematics II
  • Math 776: Graph Theory I
  • Math 777: Graph Theory II
  • Math 778: Topic Courses in Discrete Mathematics: Discrete Geometry
  • Elementary Probability and Statistics (at College of William and Mary)
  • Advanced Applied Statistics (at College of William and Mary)
  • Foundations of Mathematics (at College of William and Mary)


Area: discrete mathematics and graph theory with applications to biology and network science.
Results on problems in extremal set theory, crossing numbers, problems related to degree sequences in network science, graph inducibility, enumeration, distance problems in graphs, and algorithmic problems related to bioinformatics. Over 100 invited seminar and conference talks, including two plenary talks. The research was supported by NIH, NSF, DARPA, the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications, the European Union and the University of South Carolina.
AMS Representative to the Delbert Ray Fulkerson Prize Selection Committee 2020-2023, editorial board member of Indian Journal of Discrete Mathematics, Quaestiones Mathematicae, and Theory and Applications of Graphs

Selected Publications

  • É. Czabarka, L.A. Székely, S. Wagner, A tanglegram Kuratowski theorem, Journal of Graph Theory , Vol. 90, Issue 2 (2019) 111-122
  • Sz. Horváth, É. Czabarka, Z. Toroczkai, Reducing degeneracy in maximum entropy models of networks Physical Review Letters Vol. 114, Issue 15, 15871, (2015)
  • H. Aydinian, É. Czabarka, P.L. Erdős, L.A. Székely, A tour of M-part L-Serner families, J. Combin. Theory A 118, (2011) 702-725
  • D. Bokal, É. Czabarka, L.A. Székely, I. Vrťo, General lower bounds for the minor crossing number of graphs, Discrete and Computational Geometry 44, (2010) 463-483
  • É. Czabarka, O. Sýkora, L.A. Székely, I. Vrťo, Biplanar crossing numbers II. Comparing crossing numbers and biplanar crossing numbers using the probabilistic method, Random Structures and Algorithms 33 (4) (2008) 480-496
  • G.T. Marth, É. Czabarka, J. Murvai, S.T. Sherry, The allele frequency spectrum in genome-wide human variation data reveals signals of differential demographic history in three large world populations, Genetics 166 (2004) 351-372

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