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Department of Theatre and Dance

Travel Policy and Forms

Travel Request Form

Travel Request Form Instructions


Rationale: Faculty Travel Funds should be allocated so that they have the greatest benefit to the Department. They should facilitate faculty development, enhance research/artistic achievement, and enhance the influence and reputation of the Department at the national or international level. Faculty are expected to translate experiences produced from Department supported travel into published scholarship, performance, instructional innovation, seminar and/or presentation opportunities, etc.


I. Principles:

As a general rule, only full time faculty are eligible for travel support.

A. Travel funds granted for faculty development or research/artistic achievement should follow the following priorities:

1. Travel for untenured faculty to present peer reviewed work at national or international meetings
2. Travel for untenured faculty to present work at regional or national meetings
3. Travel for tenured faculty to present peer reviewed work at national meetings
4. Travel for tenured faculty to present work at regional or national meetings
5. Travel for faculty to present work at state meetings
6. Other special circumstances

B. Travel funds granted to enhance the influence of the Department should normally be granted to:

1. Those required to attend national or major regional meetings who serve as officers,on the board, or in major leadership positions in the organization.
2. Those invited to receive national or regional awards or representing the Department or institution at events of national significance or other special circumstances.


II. Process

A. Each faculty member must submit to the Travel Committee a travel request form for each proposed trip with explanatory notes explaining the significance of the work to be presented and the benefits to the Department as well as listing the anticipated expenses.

B. The Travel Committee will receive and review the requests to confirm that each request meets Departmental criteria. The Travel Committee will then rank the qualifying requests by Departmental priority and will recommend apportioning funds according to the approved formula.

C. Once approved faculty members will submit a travel authorization form (and supporting material) to the Chair for signature. Must be completed before travel date.

D. Travel Committee will meet on four occasions. Faculty are expected to submit applications for the review period relevant to their travel.

1. The final week of the spring semester to approve summer applications and early applications for the fall or spring semester of the following year. No more than 20% of the money allotted for each semester would be committed at this meeting.
2. Mid-September to allot the remainder of the money for the fall semester.
3. Mid-November to allot money up to 75% of the money for the spring semester.
4. Early February to allot the final 25% of the money for the spring semester plus any uncommitted money.


E. Allocation

1. Up to 60% of the budget can be committed in the fall semester.
2. 40% plus any amount not committed for the fall would be committed in the spring semester.
3. Under most circumstances no more than 15% of the sum budgeted for the given semester will be allotted to a single individual.
4. Under most circumstances awards for a single trip can be:

No more than $1200 for Full Professor;
No more than $2500 for Associate Professors;
No more than $3500 for Assistant Professors.

5. Since funding is usually very limited, it will normally be granted at the following rate:

Assistant Professor 90%
Associate Professor 85%
Full Professor 65%


Policy revised – November, 2011

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