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School of Visual Art and Design

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President’s House Visual Art and Design Showcase

Each year undergraduate and graduate students are nominated by faculty to exhibit their art works at The President’s House on the University of South Carolina campus.

Fall 2023 Exhibiting Artists

Samantha Reali (MFA, 2024) 
Tether (oil on wood board, 2020)
Not for sale

Artist’s statement: Using collaged found images as a reference, this painting mimics the process of memory recall. Gathering fragments of multiple experiences, the human mind struggles to piece together a truthful memory. This process is responsible for distorting or entirely fabricating memories in a convincing way. The work questions the validity of memory and identity, which are closely intertwined.

Kelley Pettibone (MFA, 2023) 
Instructions for Care (acrylic, mixed media on stretched canvas, 2023)
Sale price $250.00

Artist’s statement: My mother passed away suddenly on Mother's Day, 2018. Having previously experienced the loss of my father and as an only child, I was left with the task of making decisions regarding my parents' belongings. I began exploring the fusion of inherited ephemera within my work. The garment labels used in this piece were removed from my mother's clothing which was used to make handmade paper. The book pages are from a book titled "Change of Heart" that I discovered while sorting through my mother's belongings. Intentionally, portions of the text are presented upside-down to reflect the emotional flux of grief. Clothes drying outside on a clothesline reflects a vulnerability of their owner; with regard to the "clothes" on the line in this artwork, the "clothes" are instructions for their care rather than the articles of clothing themselves. This represents my vulnerability regarding provision and nurture, now absent of the perpetual care of my mother.

Jordan Dantzler (MFA, 2024)  
Mass (monotype, 2022)
Not for sale

Artist’s statement: I have reimagined the appearance of disease through the use of large abstracted shapes and colors specifically inspired by microscopic images of endometriosis, an inflammatory disease that causes tissue similar to that of the lining of the uterus to grow elsewhere.

Addison Graham (MFA, 2024) 
Double Vision (screen print on yupo opaper, 2023)
Sale price: $250.00

Artist’s statement: I am inspired by landscape, emotion, perception, and how these connect to create a transportive experience. Using interdisciplinary processes allows my work to be a playground of discovery within the abstracted surface. I investigate the relationship between landscape and memory, optics, and paradoxical thought through a fusion of practices including crayon and tusche lithographs, layered monotypes, endless relief blend rolls, welded rods of steel, and photographed natural elements that are digitally manipulated and screen-printed.

Anthony Lewis (BFA, 2023) 

Bay Bridge (archival pigment print, 2023)
Sale price: $300.00

Artist’s statement: In this photo you can see the Woods Memorial Bridge that connects downtown Beaufort to the Sea Islands. Many enslaved Africans were transported to St Helena Island to build and work agricultural holdings for rice and other crops. This photo was taken at the Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park in Beaufort, SC. Although the bridge was built in the ‘50s, it represents the movement of enslaved humans from one territory to another. This image is from a series called "Exodus".

Mossy Oak (archival pigment print, 2023)
Sale price: $300.00

Artist’s statement: This photo was taken at The Penn Center in St. Helena Island by the Martin Luther King Jr. cabin on the edge Capers Creek. Penn Center was initially a school but later became a place where black activists, including MLK Jr., held meetings in private to organize the black community. This photo represents the route that enslaved black folks used to escape slavery to the north. This image is from a series called "Exodus".

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