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Department of Women’s and Gender Studies

Undergraduate Course Offerings

A full list of course descriptions is available in the Academic Bulletin. Each semester's courses with additional information can be found on the WGST Courses page. 

Fall 2023

WGST 112: Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies

A social science perspective of women in psychological, sociological, historical, anthropological, economic, and political contexts; the changing roles, images, and institutions. 

WGST 113: Women's Health

Basic functioning of the female body; effects of society on processes of health and disease. 

WGST 300: Sex and Gender

Offers a sociological lens to develop critical ways of thinking about sex and gender as social processes in everyday lives. This course considers how sex and gender shape and affect the experiences of women, men, girls, boys, and individuals who live in the spaces in-between (those who are intersex or transgender) across a wide range of social institutions (family, work, education, politics, etc.). Cross-listed course: SOCY 301

WGST 301: Psychology of Marriage

The psychological, physiological, and social characteristics of marriage. Cross-listed course: PSYC 301

WGST 304: Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality

Historical and contemporary power relationships in race, social class, gender, and sexual orientation. Cross-listed course: SOCY 304

WGST 307: Feminist Theory

Historical development of feminist theory and contemporary debates within feminism. Cross-listed course: POLI 307

WGST 311: Minorities, Women, and the Mass Media

The study of the relationship among persons of color, women, and the mass media in the United States.Cross-listed course: JOUR 311

WGST 352: Gender and Politics

Impact of gender on the distribution of power in society; foundations for intersections of gender, race, social class, and sexuality and their economic, social, and political concomitantsCross-listed course: POLI 352

WGST 381: Gender and Globalization

Examines the dialectic between globalization and the social construction of gender. Topics include the global assembly line, transnational markets for domestic labor and sex workers, and global feminist alliances. Prerequisites: C or better in ANTH 102 or WGST 112. Cross-listed course: ANTH 381

WGST 388: Cultures, Pregnancy, and Birth

Anthropological study of pregnancy and birth with a cross-cultural focus comparing the United States to other nations. Examination of cultural factors such as prenatal care, dietary practices, taboos, birth location, practitioners, and birthing styles. Requires Honors College permission. Cross-listed course: ANTH 388

WGST 392: Global Women's Health

This course examines health concerns important in the lives of women around the world through an overview of contemporary issues and challenges in the field of global health, broadly construed.Cross-listed course: ANTH 392

WGST 398: Topic: Reproductive Governance and Resistance

An examination of reproductive health and rights in a global context. Cross-listed course: SOCY 316

WGST 432: Men and Masculinities

This course provides an overview of psychological, social, physical, and emotional issues related to men’s lives. The course examines the social construction of gender, men and work, men and health, men in relationships, male sexualities, men in families, masculinities in the media and popular culture, and violence and masculinities. Cross-listed course: PSYC 432

WGST 437: Women Writers

Representative works written by women. Prerequisites: C or higher in both ENGL 101 and ENGL 102. Cross-listed course: ENGL 437

WGST 454: Women and the Law

Constitutional and statutory case law dealing with gender equality issues. Topics include abortion, affirmative action, pornography, sexual harassment, fetal protection policies, employment discrimination, and women in the military. Cross-listed course: POLI 454

WGST 485: Women's Rhetoric

Study of rhetoric by and about women as manifested in speeches, essays, and other rhetorical artifacts. Cross-listed course: SPCH 485 and ENGL 485

WGST 515: Race, Gender, and Graphic Novels

Representations of race and gender in comics with a special emphasis on the experiences of African Americans. Cross-listed course: AFAM 515 AND ENGL 430

WGST 554: Women and Crime

Impact of gender-based relations on crime and the criminal justice system. Cross-listed course: CRJU 554


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