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College of Education

Staff Council

The Staff Council's mission is to provide staff representation and involvement within the College of Education, and to effectively communicate and support staff with the goal of strengthening operations, fostering an environment of collegiality and contributing to the mission of the college.

Staff Council Bylaws

We invite you to read the most current version of the Staff Council Bylaws [pdf].

Committee Membership

Membership is open to all staff (those without faculty designation) that volunteer or are nominated to serve on the council for a term of one year. Members may serve on the council for more time if desired. Should a member decide to leave the council, another individual should be nominated to take their place. This is to provide adequate numbers for voting purposes as well as balanced representation of the departments of the college.

The staff council is comprised of at least 7 members. This will be representative of more than half of the College. The roles within the council are decided by nomination or volunteering:

  • Chair or Co-Chairs -The chairs of the Staff Council will collaborate in facilitating and coordinating Staff Council meetings. As part of these duties, the co-chairs will reserve rooms, communicate with the Staff Council between meetings, and ensure all materials are prepared for each meeting. The chairs will serve as a voice for the staff of the College of Education in various committees, such as the Welfare Committee and the Quality Assurance Committee. The chairs will also submit council recommendations to appropriate College of Education officials.
  • Recording Secretary- Responsible for recording and posting the minutes of COE professional staff council meetings.
  • Event Chair(s)- Plans social and professional development events for staff.
  • Subcommittee members: A subdivision of the Council that completes projects as assigned. The subcommittee researches data, prepares reports and creates/amends documents.
  • Orientation Chair- Responsible for introducing new staff members to the College faculty and staff.
  • Historian – Responsible for keeping a record of the committee’s accomplishments and events.
  • Communications Chair- The Communications Chair is responsible for developing, producing, and distributing Professional Staff programs and activity information to appropriate groups and organizations as directed by the Co-Chairs.


Current Membership

The council meets on a monthly basis throughout the year (12 months).

Name Position
Tiffany Johnson  Co-Chair
Chris Burkett  Co-Chair
 VACANT  Communications Chair
 VACANT  Events Committee
 VACANT  Events Committee
 VACANT  Events Committee
 VACANT  Secretary
 VACANT  Treasurer
 VACANT Orientation Chair, Subcommittee Member
 VACANT Historian, Subcommittee Member
 VACANT Subcommittee Member
 VACANT Subcommittee Member


Meeting Minutes


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