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College of Education

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ALL4SC - Accelerator for Learning and Leadership for South Carolina

Connecting resources and people across the University of South Carolina in an extraordinary collaboration with communities and schools to transform them into caring places supporting every child’s healthy development from cradle to career.

Our Five Pillars of Effective Full-Service Community-Based Schools in South Carolina

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Pillar One:

Create the civic infrastructure to support children's needs from cradle to career through active family and community engagement. 

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Pillar Two:

Provide the integrated onsite service (such as mental health, housing, and food security) that children and families need for healthy lives.

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Pillar Three:

Expand opportunities for student-centered competency-based learning in and out of school.

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Pillar Four:

Offer culturally relevant curriculum and teaching that value the life experiences of every child.

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Pillar Five:

Reinvent the teaching profession to drive student-led learning and support schools as community hubs.  



Latest News

  • Teacher shortages are in the news again – across the US and in South Carolina. Drawing on new evidence and insights from 100 educators, a College of Education research team points to innovations underway in three school districts and how the state can begin to evolve the profession of teaching to address both current challenges and accelerate student-led learning. Read the report [pdf]
  • The Whole Child Policy Analysis is now available. It provides a snapshot of South Carolina’s progress toward a more comprehensive system of whole child education. Read the highlights and next steps [pdf] or the full-length report [pdf].

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