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College of Education


The Museum of Education's Gallery and Travelstead Room (Wardlaw 125) follow the University of South Carolina's room reservation policies. The areas are available for scheduling to all university classes and organizations. There are no fees to use the facilities. Reservations can be made through the Service Desk.

Travelstead Room capacity

for a one time special event: 20-23;  for a weekly class: 13 (including the instructor)

Guidelines for Use

We greatly appreciate your interest in scheduling gatherings in the Travelstead Room and/or the Museum Gallery. So that we may continue to make this room available to faculty and staff, we ask that you agree to the following guidelines:  The Travelstead Room is a secured room. The door MUST be locked at the end of your event. Pick up the room key from the Service Desk, and please return the key at the end of your session.

If any chairs and tables are moved during your event, please return them to their original position. Furniture in the Gallery is secured and cannot be moved. We ask that you not move the tables in the Travelstead Room and, in the Gallery area, please do not prop open the external south doors (leading outside) since we do try to keep a stable climate for our exhibits’ documents. 

Drinks are permitted during class sessions; however, we ask that your students and guests dispose of the drink containers by placing them in the trash bins.  Due to the difficulties of attempting to remove past carpet and furniture stains, we ask that cranberry juice and other similar drinks (including red wine) are not served in the Exhibition Area.

For special events

Food is permitted, however, we ask that you clean up the area and dispose of all food containers -used food plates and platters, etc.- in the Women’s and Men’s restroom’s trash bin (to the left of the Museum’s hallway door). Specifically, we ask that you do not dispose of food items in the Travelstead Room’s trash bins. We make this request because the restroom trash bins are the only containers in this area that are emptied each day.

We welcome but do not encourage small children to visit the Museum; our exhibitions are oriented for secondary and post-secondary students and professional educators. Unfortunately, the scratches on the inside of the external south doors and the marks on the brick wall were caused by unattended children. If children are brought into the Exhibition Area, we ask that they are attended by parent or guardian.

We must admit that we apologize for the many "don't" statements. We list these only because we wish to keep the Travelstead Room and Gallery clean and "stain-free" for the use and enjoyment of our regular visitors to the Museum of Education.

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