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College of Education

Minor in Education

The minor will give you a foundational knowledge of a wide range of important topics and issues, including history of education, education law and policy, education reform, diversity, ethics and philosophy in education, education systems and theory, human development, understanding disabilities, research in education, and international education. 

An understanding of these issues will help students in many different majors and is ideal for those planning a career in public service, law, politics, business, psychology, health care, and other humanities and social science fields. The minor will also benefit students who plan to have careers in public education centers like museums, aquariums, parks, and zoos. 

This minor also enables students seeking secondary education certification through the 5th-year Master of Teaching program to complete the full education minor by taking only two additional classes beyond those required for admission to the secondary program.


Education Minor - 18 Hours Required

Core (12 hours)

  • EDFI 300 - Schools in Communities
  • EDPY 401 - Learners and the Diversity of Learning
  • EDLP 317 (formerly EDLP 517-either course will count) - Law and Policy Studies in Education (fall semesters only)
  • EDFI 361 - Comparative and International Education


Two additional courses (6 hours) as described below:

Students intending to complete the 5th-year Master of Teaching program for secondary education must complete the following two courses:

  • EDSE 502 – Teachers and Teaching
  • EDSE 500 – Equity and Community Engagement (for those planning to do the MT in math, science, and social studies) or EDSE 547 (for those planning to do the MT in English)


All other students (students not intending to complete the secondary 5th-year program) take the following two courses to complete the minor:

  • EDTE 202 - Global Citizenship and Social Responsibility through Education
  • EDEX 205 - Understanding Foundations of Disability

Courses are typically offered every fall and spring unless otherwise noted. Check schedule for summer opportunities.

Make the Education Minor part of your studies. Talk with your college Dean’s Office or advisor to declare the minor. If you have questions about the minor, email Gamecock EdQuarters at

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