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College of Engineering and Computing

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The General Atomics Center is currently looking for students, from undergraduate to post-doctoral levels, to assist in our research.

Opportunities to Join Our Team

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Post-doctoral positions in the Nuclear Engineering Program at the University of South Carolina are available to support a significant and growing effort on the development and assessment of novel nuclear fuels, structural materials, and waste forms. The research involves advanced modeling and simulation of complex oxide and non-oxide systems, with a focus on the CALPHAD approach, and potentially utilizing first principles calculations. Additionally, the research will be supported by experimental efforts on thermochemical and thermophysical measurements, such as TGA/DSC, XRD, and microanalysis. It is expected that facilities and instruments at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory will be utilized in the research in addition to those available at the University of South Carolina.

The position requires a PhD in chemistry, materials science, or engineering with experience in high temperature materials. A background in the CALPHAD approach for assessing thermochemistry and phase equilibria is desirable. Experimental experience with thermochemical or thermophysical measurements is also valuable.

Graduate Students

The Nuclear Engineering Program within the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of South Carolina is rapidly growing, adding well-known staff to an already respected faculty. Expanding research programs have added opportunities for graduate students to do cutting edge work with fully supported graduate research assistantships.  The program objectives are to develop graduate level engineers who have the ability to lead and sustain the future growth of the nuclear industry, to develop new concepts of reactor design, fuel management and waste management, and to develop non-traditional applications of nuclear energy.

Degrees offered through the Nuclear Engineering Program: ME (without thesis), MS (with thesis), and PhD.

Undergraduate Students

Supported research opportunities are available.  Engage in interesting projects, be part of research papers, and make a contribution to the development of nuclear science and engineering.

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