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College of Engineering and Computing

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Peer Mentorship

As a first-year student, having a peer mentor can help you adjust and transition to the university environment and to succeed in your introductory engineering and computing studies.

About the Peer Mentorship Program

Our CEC Peer Mentorship Program matches first year students majoring in engineering or computing with upperclassmen, setting them up with a support network from day one!

Why participate in peer mentorship?

New students who have peer mentors receive help from more experienced, upperclass students. The new student mentee gets advice, support, and knowledge from their mentor, and they can see the life of a current student first-hand. Mentors provide them with advice on instructors, student organizations and professional goals, and can help expand their present and future professional network.

Who are peer mentors?

Our peer mentors are undergraduate engineering and computing students with at least one year of classes completed. Through an application and review process, they have demonstrated a desire and disposition for promoting college student success. Peer mentors receive training and ongoing support from the College of Engineering and Computing.

How does the program work?

First year students who have applied for the peer mentorship program are paired with a peer mentor based on their background and interests. Together, they attend a kick-off event near the start of the first semester. Mentees and mentors generally get together at least once a month if not more frequently throughout the academic year. The program follows a purposeful curriculum which is intended to promote a sense of belonging for new students. 

How do I get involved?

Whether you are an incoming student interested in having a peer mentor or a current student interested in becoming a mentor, you can use the resources below to get involved!

Becoming a Mentor

Upperclassmen who are selected to serve as CEC Peer Mentors will gain leadership experience essential to their success in both industry and academia.

  • Give back by sharing your successes, failures, passions and experiences with first-year students who need to hear them!
  • You will add practical leadership experience to your resume.
  • You will expand your present and future network.
  • You may use this as an opportunity for service and recruitment for your student organization or professional society.
  • You can earn part of your 60 hours toward Professional and Civic Engagement for Graduation with Leadership Distinction.
  • You will even earn UofSC swag and other prizes!
  • You must be an undergraduate student with at least 1 year of classes completed
  • You must be able to mentor 1 or more first-year or transfer students for both Fall and Spring semesters.
  • You must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative UofSC GPA. Applicants with a lower GPA will be required to submit a plan for academic success with their application in order to be considered for the mentor position.
  • You must register for your training workshop.
  • You will attend one required training workshop in the Spring semester.
  • You must attend the required semester kick-off event.
  • You must check-in with your mentee(s) at least once per month.
  • You will be expected to respond promptly via direct message, phone or email to your mentee(s).
  • You must follow and complete the prescribed peer mentorship curriculum.
  • You must report your meetings, and then make appropriate referrals to UofSC resources.

Apply by joining the UofSC Mentorship Hub 


Becoming a Mentee

First-year students who partner with a CEC Peer Mentor will have the opportunity to learn about campus resources and building connections within the CEC community.

  • You will see the life of a current student first-hand.
  • You can use what you learn to choose instructors, student organizations and even your professional goals.
  • You will expand your present and future network.
  • You can use your mentor as a reference.
  • You can return to the program as a mentor during or after your second year!
  • You must be a first-year CEC student.
  • You must attend the required semester kick-off event. 
  • You must check-in with your mentor at least once per month.
  • You must follow and complete the prescribed peer mentorship curriculum.
  • You must complete the program evaluation at the end of your experience.

Apply by joining the UofSC Mentorship Hub 


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