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Graduate School

Non-Degree Admissions

If you're not seeking a graduate degree, applying for non-degree admissions status can allow you to take classes for personal or professional development, licensure or re-certification or participation in an USC exchange program. 

Non-Degree Applications

Applicants with a bachelor's degree qualify for graduate non-degree enrollment privileges and may register for both undergraduate and graduate level courses. Non-degree enrollment is usually requested for:

  • Personal or professional development
  • Licensure or re-certification
  • Participation in a USC exchange program 

New Applicants

Use the Non-Degree Application 

Upload your transcripts or teaching certificate to prove that you have completed an undergraduate degree.

Returning Non-Degree students

Use the Update Request Form

Did you have non-degree status previously, but were out for a major semester?  Were you admitted for non-degree status but need to change your starting term?  If so, select Renew Non-Degree Enrollment Privileges on the Update Request Form to reactivate your non-degree status.

Non-Degree Admission Limitations 

Before you apply for non-degree admission, be sure you understand the following considerations.

Course Limitations

Some courses are reserved for degree-seeking students.   You can search the Master Schedule for courses or contact the department hosting your intended class for more information.  You may request to be considered for an override if the course has not filled by the beginning of the term.

Credit Limitations

A non-degree student who later applies to a degree program may apply a maximum of six hours of non-degree credits to a degree program, and only with departmental approval.

Financial Aid Limitations

Non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid.

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