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Graduate School

2017 - 2018 Members

The Council

Name Program or Affiliation End Year Keywords
(hidden column)
Adams, Swann Nursing 2018   
Barker, Drucilla Anthropology 2018   
Brame Jr., Bobby Criminology and Criminal Justice  2020  
Brant, Cathy Instruction and Teacher Education 2019  
Childs, Matt History  2018  
Chruszcz, Maksymilian Chemistry & Biochemistry 2020  
Creswick, Rick Physics and Astronomy 2020  
Den Ouden, Dirk Chair, Communication Sciences and Disorders 2018  
Ellis, Jean Geography 2020  
Fram, Maryah
Vice Chair, Social Work
Li, Sali International Business 2019  
Owens, Matthew Graduate Student Association Representative 2018   
Pittman, Douglas SC College of Pharmacy 2018  
Pollok, Konstantin Philosophy 2020  
Regan, Tom Sport and Entertainment Management 2020  
Shimpalee, Sirivatch
Chemical Engineering
Webster, Collin
Physical Education
White, Kellee
White, Scott Earth and Ocean Sciences 2018  
Addy, Cheryl Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School None  
Brandt, Heather Associate Dean, Graduate School None  
Mitchell, Murray Senior Associate Dean, Council Secretary and Graduate School Representative None  
Moore, Dale Associate Dean, Ombudsman and Graduate School Representative None  
Crews, Tena Associate Provost, Academic Programs and Office of the Provost Representative None  


2017 - 2018 Committees

Humanities, Social Sciences, Education and Related Professional Programs

Name Program or Affiliation
Brant, Cathy Committee Chairperson, Instruction and Teacher Education
Barker, Drucilla Anthropology
Childs, Matt History
Li, Sali International Business


Science, Math and Related Professional Programs

Name Program or Affiliation
Creswick, Rick Committee Chairperson, Physics and Astronomy 
Chruszcz, Maksymilian Chemistry and Biochemistry
Ribar, Alicia Nursing 
Shimpalee, Sirivatch Chemical Engineering


Academic Policy and Practices

Name Program or Affiliation
Fram, Maryah Committee Chairperson, Social Work
Den Ouden, Dirk Committee Chairperson, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Drasgow, Erik Educational Studies
White, Kellee Epidemiology


Grievances, Appeals and Petitions

Name Program or Affiliation
Adams, Swann Committee Chairperson, Nursing
Owens, Matthew Graduate Student Association
Maye, Carmen Journalism and Mass Communication
Tedeschi, David Physics and Astronomy


Fellowships and Scholarships

Name Program or Affiliation
White, Scott  Committee Chairperson, Earth and Ocean Sciences
Foster, Kirk Social Work
Hanson, Tim Statistics
Hu, JianJu Computer Science
McKay, John Music 
Styslinger, Mary Instruction and Teacher Education

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