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Journal of Venue and Event Management (JVEM) Archives

JVEM is now SER

After five years of operation, the Journal of Venue and Event Management transitioned to a new publication titled Sport and Entertainment Review (SER). The new journal has a slightly different focus. Over its five years with the College of HRSM, the contributions made by many to JVEM continue to be a great source of research in the venue and event industry, and can be accessed using the below links.

JVEM Archives

Vol. 1, Iss. 1 — May 2009
An Examination of Luxury Suite Owners in Professional Sports
  • Heather J. Lawrence, Ohio University Center for Sport Administration
  • James Kahler, Ohio University Center for Sport Administration
  • Ron T. Contorno, Full House Entertainment Database Marketing
The Pyro-Marketing Model: What Venue Managers Can Do to Create Customer Evangelists
  • Philip C. Rothschild, Missouri State University
  • Greg Stielstra, PyroMarketing, Inc.
  • Scott Wysong, University of Dallas
Examining the Impact of Market Size on Facility Security Operations at Indoor Multipurpose Facilities on College and University Campuses
  • George N. Smith, Clemson University
  • Benjamin D. Goss, Missouri State University
  • Colby B. Jubenville, Middle Tennessee State University
Volunteer Motivation and Satisfaction
  • Hyejin Bang, Florida International University
  • Stephen D. Ross, University of Minnesota
'Build It Here!' An Examination of Pride Versus Economic Motivations of Citizen Voting for Public Stadium Financing
  • Scott Wysong, University of Dallas
  • Philip C. Rothschild, Missouri State University

Vol. 1, Iss. 2 — March 2010
Needs, Concerns, and Future Challenges in Security Management of NCAA Division 1 Football Events: An Intercollegiate Facility Management Perspective
  • Stacey Hall, Lou Marciani, Walter Cooper, and Jerry Phillips, The University of Southern Mississippi
Motivations for Participating in Health Related Charity Sport Events
  • Doyeon Won, University of Georgia
  • Meungguk Park, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
  • Brian A. Turner, The Ohio State University
A Study on Cognitive-Affective Model of Sport Consumer Satisfaction in the Event of Taipei 101 Run-Up Race
  • Chen-Yueh Chen and Yi-Hsiu Li, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan, ROC

Vol. 2, Iss. 1 — September 2010
Reserved: Best Practices for On-campus Football Parking for People with Physical Disabilities
  • Joshua R. Pate, James Bemiller and Robin Hardin, The University of Tennessee
NCAA Division I, II, and III Track and Field Hammer Throw Facilities: Compliant with International Safety Standards?
  • Lawrence W. Judge,  Ball State University
  • Jeffrey C. Petersen,  Baylor University
  • David Bellar, University of Louisiana Lafayette
  • Erin Gilreath, Ball State University
  • Ryan Yurko, Princeton University
Public Recreation Facility Financing Trends: Taxpayer Backlash Causes New Models to Emerge
  • Matthew T. Brown and Mark S. Nagel, University of South Carolina
Book Review: Managing Sport Facilities, Second Edition

By Gil Fried, Published in 2010 by Human Kinetics, Champaign, IL 61825. (355 pages).

  • Reviewed by Sid Kenyon, University of South Carolina

Vol. 2, Iss. 2 — November 2010
Luxury Suite Administrators: Essential to Success
  • Heather Lawrence, Ohio University
  • Peter Titlebaum, University of Dayton
Essential Components of a "Best Practice" Model for Tailgating Events
  • Andy Gillentine, University of South Carolina
  • John Miller, Texas Tech University
  • Brian Crow, Slippery Rock University
Interview: Accessibility doesn't happen by itself: An interview with Betty Siegel, J.D., Director of The Kennedy Center Accessibility Program
  • John Grady, University of South Carolina
Book Review: Sport Facility Management: Organizing Events and Mitigating Risks 

Robin Ammon, Jr., Richard M. Southall and Mark S. Nagel
Fitness Information Technology, 2010, 261pp, ISBN: 978-1-935412-07-06.

  • Reviewed by Mauro Palmero, Ph.D., East Tennessee State University

Vol. 3, Iss. 1 — July 2011
Perceptions of Terrorist Threat: Implications for Intercollegiate Basketball Venue Managers
  • John Miller, Troy University
  • Adam Dunn, Texas Tech University
Examining Gender Differences in the Effect of Spectator Motivation on Sport Consumption Behaviors at Collegiate Wheelchair Basketball Games
  • Kevin K. Byon, The University of Georgia
  • Michael S. Carroll, Troy University
  • Michael Cottingham II, Southern New Hampshire University
  • John Grady, University of South Carolina
  • James T. Allen, Christian Brothers University
Interview: Larry Martin, Vice President, Sales-Sports
  • Mark S. Nagel, University of South Carolina

Vol. 3, Iss. 2 — December 2011
Consumer Attitudes Toward the Paralympic Games and Purchase Intentions Toward Corporate Sponsors of the Paralympic Games: Market Segmentation Strategy
  • Meungguk Park, Taeho Yoh and Michael W. Olson, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • Yun Seok Choi, Wayne State University
Who is in charge? An analysis of NCAA Division I Arena Management Models
  • Mauro Palmero, East Tennessee State University
  • Ming Li, Heather Lawrence and Valerie Martin Conley, Ohio University
Changing Attitudes Regarding Ticket "Rights"
  • Mark S. Nagel, University of South Carolina
Interview: Geoff Moore, Chief Marketing Officer, Circuit of the Americas
  • Todd Koesters, University of South Carolina

Vol. 4, Iss. 1 — November 2012
Professional vs. Collegiate Facilities: Perceived Motivations of Luxury Suite Ownership
  • Peter Titlebaum and Carrie DeMange, University of Dayton
  • Robert Davis, Miami University-Hamilton Campus
The Historic Structure Report: A Tool for the Renovation, Reconstruction, Restoration, and Rehabilitation of Sport Facilities
  • Chad Seifried, Louisiana State University
Interview: Roger Kornmayer, Managing Director, United States NUSSLI
  • Mark Nagel, University of South Carolina
2011 SEVT Lifetime Achievement Award: Alex Hodges
  • Introduction by John Huie, University of South Carolina

Vol. 4, Iss. 2 — November 2013

Selling the Best Seats in the House: Content Analysis of Premium Sales Positions Announcements
  • David Pierce, Indiana University, Purdue University, Indianapolis
  • Heather Lawrence, Ohio University
  • James Johnson and Megan Ridley, Ball State University
An Investigation of Risk Management Protocols at Triathlon Events
  • John Miller, Troy University
  • Gina Pauline, Syracuse University
  • John T. Wendt, University of St. Thomas (MN)
In the Continued Pursuit of Stadium Initiatives Following Past Failures: An Analysis of the Los Angeles Farmers Field Proposal
  • Timothy B. Kellison, University of Florida,
  • Michael J. Mondello, University of South Florida
Understanding the Needs of Spectators with Disabilities Attending Sporting Events
  • John Grady, University of South Carolina,
  • Jeffrey D. James, Florida State University
An Investigation of Major League Soccer Attendance
  • Steve Argeris, George Mason University, Georgetown University
  • Mark S. Nagel, University of South Carolina
Report From INTIX
  • Mark S. Nagel, University of South Carolina

JVEM Editorial Board:
Editor: Mark S. Nagel, University of South Carolina
Associate Editor: John M. Grady, University of South Carolina 
Consulting Editor: Peter J. Graham, University of South Carolina
JVEM Editorial Review Board:
Rob Ammon, Slippery Rock University
John Benett, Venue Management Association, Asia Pacific Limited 
Chris Bigelow, The Bigelow Companies, Inc. 
Matt Brown, University of South Carolina
Brad Gessner, San Diego Convention Center 
Peter Gruber, Wiener Stadthalle, Austria
Todd Hall, Georgia Southern University
Kim Mahoney, Industry Consultant
Michael Mahoney, California State University at Fresno
Larry Perkins, BC Center Carolina Hurricanes 
Jim Riordan, Florida Atlantic University 
Frank Roach, University of South Carolina 
Philip Rothschild, Missouri State University 
Frank Russo, Global Spectrum 
Rodney J. Smith, University of Denver 
Kenneth C. Teed, The George Washington University
Scott Wysong, University of Dallas

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