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School of Medicine Columbia

SOMC Alumni Association Board

After graduating from the USC School of Medicine Columbia, all alumni are members of the SOMC Alumni Association. This organization offers leadership opportunities by serving on the Board, which plays a big role in helping direct our alumni outreach efforts, coordinate intentional programming and brainstorm innovative ways to support our current students.


We hold four meetings per academic year which are open to all alumni, students, faculty and staff. 

  • Fall Meeting (hybrid) - Friday, October 13 from 3-4:30 p.m.
  • Winter Meeting (virtual) - Wednesday, March 6 from 5-6:15 p.m.
  • Spring Meeting (hybrid) - Friday, May 17 from 3-4:30 p.m.
  • Summer Meeting (virtual) - Wednesday, July 24 from 4:30-6 p.m.

Our Board

In order to get input from various stakeholder groups from all academic programs, our board includes:

  • Officers, Voting Members
  • At-Large Members, Voting Members
  • Student Representatives, Voting Members
  • Non-Voting Members

Alumni Board of Directors, Voting Members

Our alumni serving in these leadership roles are voted in by members of the SOMC Alumni Association Board. Elections are held in the summer shortly after the summer board meeting.


Andrew Glover

Ann Marie Patterson-Ravindran

Sloka Iyengar

Austin Worden

Steve Corso

At-Large Members

At-Large Members make up the majority of the Alumni Association Board with representation from six academic programs.

  • Ian Brastauskas, MD, '18
  • Javier Carles, MD, '98
  • Tamera Cox, MD, '11
  • David Giovannini, MD, '14
  • Susan Hilsman, MD, '87
  • Nedra Jackson, MD, '87
  • Bruce Johnson, MD, '03
  • Catherine Millender, MD, '13
  • Tiffany Tonismae, MD, '12
  • Wallisa Vaughn, MD, '06
  • Scott Weitzel, MD, '09
  • Cody McHale, PhD, '18
  • Kinsey Meggett, MS, '22
  • Brian Atkinson, MRC, '18
  • LaNita Jefferson, PhD, MRC, LPC, '17
  • Jean Ann Lambert, MRC, '02
  • Mike Walsh, PhD, LPC, CRC, '05
  • Patrick Williamson, MRC, 18
  • Allison Bellomo, MS, CGC, '09
  • Courtney Tate, MS, '00
  • Marc Bentz, DNAP, CRNA, '13
  • Kevin LeBlanc, PhD, MNA, CRNA, '05
  • Sheena Morris, DNAP, MSNA, CRNA, '09
  • Reg Taylor, MSPAS, PA-C, '22
  • Yvannah Willis, PA-C, '19

Student Representatives, Voting Members

Student voting members are selected by their own student government elections or appointed by their program's director and make up our Student Alumni Council (SAC).

Jared Trimarchi, M-IV President
Madison Marshal, M-III President
Bailey Gibson, M-II President
Allyson Halbach, M-I Alumni Representative

Brooke Bullard

Alex Huss

Hayden Petee

Emily Mason

Athena Townsley

Daisy Tilghman

Non-Voting Members

Faculty and staff from various departments give guidance and school-wide perspective where needed.

  • Gerald Harmon, MD –  Interim Dean
  • Eric Williams, MD – Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Career Advising
  • Holly Jefferson – Director of Alumni Engagement and External Affairs
  • Emily Miles – Director of Strategic Communications and Marketing
  • Paige Stiles – Assistant Director of Alumni and Student Engagement

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