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School of Medicine Columbia

  • A young girl in a wheelchair holds her tablet

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Resources

When disabilities affect your ability to speak or write, forms of augmentative and alternative communication can help you interact socially and communicate your needs and wants. AAC strategies and tools help replace or enhance your interactions with others.

Unaided Communications

Unaided communications make use of your body through pointing, gesturing, speech or vocalizations, sign language and finger spelling.

Aided Communications

Aided communications may include the use of computers, letter or picture boards, pointing devices, dedicated electronic devices and mobile apps.

Low-tech or Manual Devices

Low-tech or manual devices are items that don’t need a power supply and include communication books or boards.

High-tech or Electronic Devices

High-tech or electronic devices include computers and dedicated voice output devices.

  • Voice amplification enhances the volume of your speech, which helps if you have the ability to annunciate but cannot project your voice.
  • Speech devices help with speech impairments through the use of pre-stored recordings of natural speech or computer-generated speech. You can construct original messages using pictures or alphabet.

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