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Grants for Individuals

Reach out to agencies and foundations to fund your assistive technology devices and services. Explore the categories below to identify which sources are most likely to award funds for your device needs.

Great Bike Giveaway
Friendship Circle works with adaptive bike companies from around the world to provide adaptive bikes to children and teens with special needs. The Great Bike Giveaway provides three ways a child can receive a bike: most votes, random drawing and fundraising.

Small Steps in Speech-Grant for Assistive Technologies or iPad software (Not iPad)

Small Steps in Speech offers grants to help pay for assistive technology devices or AAC apps.

Hear Now Starkey Hearing Foundation
Hear Now provides hearing aids for individuals with limited financial resources and limited family support.

Hearing Aid Project
Hearing aids sold as low as five percent of regular cost.

The Hike Fund, Inc.
The fund provides hearing devices for children with hearing losses from newborn to 20 years whose parents are unable to meet this special need financially.

Autism Care Today (ACT Today)
Autism Care Today grants are designed to provide access to individuals and families affected by autism spectrum disorders. Grant payments will be made directly to pre-approved treatment providers, assessors or materials vendors.

Danny’s Wish
The Danny’s Wish iPads for Autism Campaign provides free iPads to families of nonverbal children with autism, providing the gift of speech and communication. Applications are submitted to a lottery and are awarded each April.

Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism
The goal of the program is to help fill the financial and technological gap for schools and organizations that assist individuals with autism. Applications will be considered for any technology tools and/or training that improve learning outcomes or performance.

Giving Angels Foundation
The Giving Angels Foundation’s mission is to enhance the daily functioning of a child under 21 years old with a physical disability from a lower income family. The Foundation awards grants for life changing equipment, medical supplies, essential family bills, specialized camps and therapeutic toys.

S.C. Equipment Distribution Program’s iPad Project
If you have moderate to severe hearing loss or are speech impaired, you may be eligible for a free iPad programmed with communication apps. An iPad case is included. You must also meet other eligibility requirements.

Speech Tablets for Apraxia
Qualified children 2 1/2 to 18 years-of-age with a diagnosis of childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) are provided with speech tablets and protective cases to use as a communication tool, to assist with speech practice, and/or for educational support. The child’s family must be able to show a financial need.

Association for Blind Citizens Assistive Technology Fund
The Assistive Technology Fund will cover 50 percent of the retail price of adaptive devices or software that help improve employment opportunities, increase independence and enhance the overall quality of life for people who are legally blind.

Challenged Athletes Foundation
CAF offers grants to athletes with permanent physical disabilities to help with adaptive sporting equipment.

Adaya's Gift of Hope
The program serves children with a disability and their families by providing equipment, financial resources, support, guidance and the ability to better navigate the community regardless of their disability. Apply online for benefits.

Cerner Charitable Foundation
Cerner Charitable Foundation accepts individual medical grant applications for medical needs. This includes assistive technology such as wheelchairs, AT equipment, care devices, hearing aids, and more. 

Bellows Fund
Bellows Fund grants are for individuals with any disability. Applicants must demonstrate financial need. The applicant reaches out to their UCP affiliate about their need for assistance in purchasing adaptive equipment, and the UCP affiliate will submit the funding application and supporting materials to the chair of the Bellows Fund committee on the person’s behalf. Eligible projects include assistive communication devices, orthotic devices, wheelchairs and scooters, home modifications (such as a wheelchair ramp or stair lift), vehicle modifications (note: funds cannot be used to purchase vehicles) and assistive technology equipment repairs. If you are interested in applying for Bellows Funds, contact Alanna Boozer directly at or 803-926-8878.

Variety The Children’s Charity
Variety focuses on multiple unmet needs of children who are sick, disadvantaged or live with disabilities and other special needs. South Carolina does not have a local Variety chapter. To apply for Variety the Children’s Charity funding, email

Oracle Health Foundation
Oracle Health Foundation accepts individual medical grant applications for medical needs. This includes assistive technology such as wheelchairs, AT equipment, care devices, hearing aids, and more.


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