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AI in Medicine - Extracurricular Track

Drawing from USC’s depth in computer science and the hands-on AI experiences of clinicians and researchers at USC, we constructed a comprehensive extracurricular program designed to familiarize students with core concepts of AI and teach them the technical foundations of main AI applications in Medicine, ranging from language methods to predictive analytics and imaging interpretation.

About the Track

The curriculum of the AI in Medicine Extracurricular Track focuses on giving students a clear understanding of the technical aspects of AI, allowing them to adeptly utilize and critically evaluate existing AI methodologies. This foundation also aims to prepare students to assimilate new advancements and contribute innovatively to future AI developments in the medical field.

The AI in Medicine Extracurricular Track will span over the Medical School years M-II through M-IV, with lectures and projects distributed across these years. Each year, the lectures and projects will be guided to reflect the level of knowledge in Medicine and Pathophysiology expected for that year. This curriculum is an initiative from the USC School of Medicine and the USC School of Engineering and Computing, with support from the USC Arnold School of Public Health.

Admission Requirements

A cohort of 10 students in their Medical School year 1 will be selected for admission to the AI in Medicine Extracurricular Track. Applications will open on June 1st and close on June 30th. Applicants must provide the following information via REDcap application to be considered eligible for acceptance:

  • Current Academic Standing
  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • MCAT/GRE Score (optional/self report)
  • Personal Statement


The application for the AI in Medicine Extracurricular track is housed through a RedCap survey that can be found, HERE.

Program Faculty


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