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School of Medicine Columbia

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With a curriculum to take our students from the basic medical sciences to hands-on clinical training, they are uniquely positioned to be leaders in primary care and other competitive specialties. Students will also be exposed to ultrasound technology and its applications from year one to year four, through our integrated ultrasound curriculum.  (Last Updated: 10/28/21)

Hands-On Experience

You'll get hands-on clinical experience throughout your medical education. Our partnership with Prisma Health allows you the opportunity to work with physician educators who can offer you a first-hand look into patient care. Our school also has a robust research focus, which you'll be able to explore through research projects with faculty mentors.

An Innovative Curriculum

As a leader in primary care, we offer you unique experiences, like the opportunity to learn more about rural health on our Florence Regional Campus. We're also the first school in the nation to integrate ultrasound technology into all four years of our medical school curriculum. Our partnerships with technology leaders like General Electric give us access to the latest equipment, sometimes before it even hits the market. While you may not take a class specifically devoted to that technology, you will find practical applications for it in your courses, giving you the hands-on experience you need to confidently use ultrasound machines. 

Years One and Two

During the first two years of the program, you'll study anatomy (gross anatomy and histology), behavioral science, biochemistry, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology and physiology. As part of our new integrated curriculum, histology, gross anatomy and neuro anatomy are combined into one foundational course during the first year. This integration continues into the second year with microbiology, pathology and pharmacology integrated into system blocks. Throughout all four semesters of the first two years, students develop their skills with history-taking and physical exams and their skills analyzing research to determine best practice for patient care.

NOTE: The courses will be Pass/Fail beginning with the 2022-2023 fall semester.

Year One Fall Semester

Course Name Credit Hours
Foundations of Medical Anatomy 12
Introduction to Clinical Medicine I 3
Application of Clinical Evidence I (ACE) 1
Total Credit Hours 16

Year One Spring Semester

Course Name  Credit Hours
Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine 8
Medical Physiology
Introduction to Clinical Medicine I
Application of Clinical Evidence I (ACE) 1
Total Credit Hours 20

Year Two Fall Semester

Course Name Credit Hours
General Principles
Pulmonary 2
Renal 2
Hematology 3
Musculoskeletal System 2
Introduction to Clinical Medicine II 1
Application of Clinical Evidence II (ACE) 2
Total Credit Hours 21

Year Two Spring Semester

Course Name Credit Hours
Gastrointestinal 3
Endocrine/Reproductive Systems
Integrated Disease 2
Introduction to Clinical Medicine II 1
Application of Clinical Evidence II (ACE) 2
Total Credit Hours 18

Years Three and Four

During your final two years, you'll get hands-on training in clinical clerkships in family medicine, internal medicine, neurology, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry and surgery. Most medical students complete their core clinical training at Columbia-area affiliated hospitals. There is also an optional clinical training at the Florence Regional Campus. 

During your fourth year: 

  • Pursue your individual interests through electives (listed by department in the OASIS scheduling system)
  • Participate in 8 four-week rotations, including acting internship and a critical care rotation
  • Capstone: a one month program of interdepartmental and interdisciplinary material designed to prepare you for the transition to residency training
  • Have direct contact with patients
  • Actively participate in the clinical setting

Year Three Fall and Spring Semesters

Course Name Credit Hours
Family Medicine Clerkship  6
Internal Medicine/Neurology Clerkship 12 
Obstetrics/Gynecology Clerkship
Pediatrics Clerkship
Psychiatry Clerkship
Surgery Clerkship
Electives (2)
Total Credit Hours 49

Year Four Fall and Spring Semesters 

Course Name Credit Hours
Acting Internship 4
Critical Care Rotation
USMLE Step 2 Preparation 4
Electives 16
Capstone 4
Total Credit Hours 32


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