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School of Medicine Columbia

    Our Students

    Our students are our why. Learning, growing and becoming the next generation of great health care providers, while giving back to their state and a community that needs it the most.

    Fourth Year Students

    • Antonio Benevento Headshot

      Antonio Benevento


    • Maxwell Dierks Headshot

      Maxwell Dierks


    • Clinton Favre Headshot

      Clinton Favre


    • Carson Jowers Headshot

      Carson Jowers


    • Aaron Justus Headshot

      Aaron Justus


    • Bryce Justus Headshot

      Bryce Justus


    • Robert Loomis Headshot

      Robert Loomis


    • Sawyer Lyons Headshot

      Sawyer Lyons


    • Mary Kathryn McGregor Headshot

      Mary Kathryn McGregor


    • Mary Parker Headshot

      Mary Parker


    • Lauren Sattele Headshot

      Lauren Sattele


    • Kirsten Songer Headshot

      Kirsten Songer


    • Zuhaab Temuri Headshot

      Zuhaab Temuri


    • Erica Thompson Headshot

      Erica Thompson


    • Kylie Truong Headshot

      Kylie Truong


    • Rylee White Headshot

      Rylee White


    Third Year Students

    • Madison Arnel Headshot

      Madison Arnel


    • Courtney Brown Headshot

      Courtney Brown


    • Victoria Brown Headshot

      Victoria Brown


    • Terence Camilon Headshot

      Terence Camilon


    • Lauren Ervin Headshot

      Lauren Ervin


    • Rowdy Fitzpatrick Headshot

      Rowdy Fitzpatrick


    • Hansel Haase Headshot

      Hansel Haase


    • Pete Helms Headshot

      Pete Helms


    • Daniel Jaraki Headshot

      Daniel Jaraki


    • Caroline Loftus Headshot

      Caroline Loftus


    • Gannett Loftus Headshot

      Gannett Loftus


    • Sarah Parker Headshot

      Sarah Parker


    • Emily Ruggiero Headshot

      Emily Ruggiero


    • Bobby Spivey Headshot

      Bobby Spivey


    • Kendall Stalls Headshot

      Kendall Stalls


    • Angel Taylor Headshot

      Angel Taylor


    • Vivian Tran Headshot

      Vivian Tran


    • Isabel Wood Headshot

      Isabel Wood



    Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.