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School of Medicine Columbia

M.D. Registrar

The School of Medicine Columbia Registrar's Office adheres to The University of South Carolina Registrar's Office guidelines. We maintain stewardship and integrity of student academic records and manage effective policies and practices regarding registration, academic progress, and graduation.

Services and Resources

Fellowship applications require the submission of your transcript and Medical School Performance Evaluation (Dean’s Letter).

You may request these documents through your online application. The request will be received by us and uploaded to your application through the Medical Institution Document Upload Service (MIDUS). 

Diplomas are issued based upon the legal name in the Registrar's Office.  You will receive your diploma at graduation, with several copies. If you need a duplicate diploma, please contact Main Campus Registrar.  

The Registrar's Office provides jury duty letters, good academic standing letters, and documentation to support application and licensure processes. We also verify your medical education. If there are other specific letters or verifications that might be needed for insurance, loan, or other purposes, please contact us and we will try to tailor a letter for your needs. 

The Registrar's Office is responsible for maintaining a student's or former student's legal name in official school records. Academic records that contain the legal name of the student or former student include transcripts, evaluations and diplomas. Currently-enrolled students and graduates can request that their official school records be updated to reflect a new name provided they submit proof of their legal name change. In order to request a name change on your official school records, you must complete the Name Change Request form and submit to us.

Please send an e-mail to schedule a time for us to notarize your information.

The Registrar's office works with the University of South Carolina Registrar's Office to schedule students.  We use Banner and Self-Service for online registration of all current medical students. 

The School of Medicine Columbia uses OASIS, an online assessment and scheduling database for our M3 and M4 students. While the Office of Curricular Affairs works with the M3 and M4 students for the actual scheduling, we manage the online aspect of it.

M4 students are eligible for away rotations, but no more than 3 rotations in the same specialty can be used for credit.  We grant access to the students in early February via email.  Once an away application is completed, we are able to upload necessary documents, such as transcripts, letters of good standing, and letters of recommendation. For every away rotation you are awarded, please complete this Away Rotation Form.  

All candidates for admission to and all current students at the School of Medicine, herein after designated as candidates for the M.D. degree, must adhere to these Technical Standards.

The cost of an official transcript is $12.00 and can be requested from the University Registrar.

Student vaccination records are kept on file for years. Requests to obtain a copy can be sent to Jennifer Evans, Student Health Nurse, or by calling 803-216-3374. You must be able to provide a full name, DOB, and SOMC enrollment dates for verification.

We accept fourth-year visiting students in good standing who have not yet received their MD or DO degree.  Visiting Students will provide more details. 


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