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School of Medicine Columbia

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SOMC Dean's Circle

The School of Medicine Columbia Dean's Circle is a select group of individuals who give $1,000 or more in a given calendar year to the SOMC to help push our school forward through exemplary education, cutting-edge research and patient-centered care.

Dean's Circle Members Fiscal Year 2023

Dr. George M. Beaver and Dr. Belinda M. Beaver
Mr. and Mrs. C. Ross Berry MBA, CMPE, FAAMA
Mr. Enrico Bertoli and Dr. Joshua T. Thornhill IV
Dr. Marta R. Bowen
Ms. Karen S. Brown
Mr. Larry C. Bryant and Dr. Lisa H. Bryant
Ms. Bertie H. Bunch
Mr. John S. Carson and Dr. Lee S. Carson
Dr. Charles J. Carter Jr and Rebecca Carter
Ms. Carole H. Cato
Dr. Jim C. Chow and Ms. Jean L. Chow
Dr. Herbert P. Cooper III
Dr. and Mrs. Steven W. Corso
Dr. Tamera M. Cox and Christopher A. Cox
Dr. Joseph M. Craver and Mrs. Amelia W. Craver
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Cyr
Dr. and Mrs. Everett L. Dargan
Dr. Douglas A. Dodds II and Dr. Cheryl C. Dodds
Mr. David W. Erdman
Dr. Robert L. Figueroa
Mr. Bruce D. Filler and Dr. Lilly S. Filler
Dr. Martha C. Freibert
Dr. Christopher E. Gainey and Ms. Amelia L. Gainey
Dr. Franklin K. Gettys and Dr. Edna Katherine G. Gettys
Dr. Mark D. Gibbons and Dr. Janice L. Gibbons
Dr. Mitchell O. Glover IV and Dr. Christina M. Glover
Dr. Francisco E. Gonda and Ms. Betty I. Gonda
Mr. Jacob Gue
Dr. George J. Guldan III
Dr. Leslie W. Hall
Mrs. Jo A. Heiting
Dr. Susan O. Hilsman
Mr. Timothy Hinton and Dr. Wallisa T. Vaughn
Dr. Douglas K. Holtzman
Mr. Christopher Jarvis
Ms. Mary N. Kamoroff
Dr. and Mrs. Chris L. Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert King
Dr. Susan M. Lessner and Dr. Philip Lessner
Dr. Benjamin J. Levinson and Ms. Mary A. Levinson
Ms. Meredith Mayo
Ms. Katherine K. McBryde
Dr. Carol McMahon
Mr. T. Allen and Mrs. Olive W. Mobley
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Morrison
Dr. Prakash S. Nagarkatti and Dr. Mitzi Nagarkatti
Dr. Carol A. Nichols
Dr. Hugh N. Northcutt and Ms. Melanie M. Northcutt
Ms. Judith R. Nye
Dr. William B. Painter and Dr. Lauren J. Painter
Dr. Stephanie L. Paolini
Dr. Shailesh M. Patel and Mrs. Mosmi Naik-Patel
Dr. Ann M. Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Phelps
Dr. Amanda C. Phillips and Joseph Phillips
Mrs. Nancy M. Platt
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Prewitt
Mr. Hank Ray and Dr. Donna D. Ray
Dr. Bonnie J. Ramsey
Dr. Lawrence P. Reagan
Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Ribadeneyra
Dr. James F. Riddle
Ms. Jacquie Rudgers
Dr. and Mrs. Alan G. Sechtin
Dr. and Mrs. March E. Seabrook
Dr. Aurel E. Smith Jr. and Ms. Kathleen G. Smith
Mrs. Carol A. Smith
Mr. Jerry Schafetz and Dr. Suzanne B. Storch
Dr. James R. Stallworth
Mr. Scot Strickland and Dr. Judith T. Burgis
Ms. Courtney R. Tate
Dr. and Mrs. Roger C. Taylor
Dr. Matthew N. Thoma and Dr. Kimiko K. Thoma
Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham P. Thomas Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Thurman
Dr. Robert C. Webb
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Walkup
Dr. and Mrs. William Weston III
Dr. Marlene A. Wilson
AgFirst Farm Credit Bank
American Heart Association
BillionToOne, Inc.
Caro Federal Credit Union
Central Carolina Community Foundation
CHDI Foundation
Chick-fil-A, Incorporated
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Coastal Community Foundation
Columbia Medical Society
Consultants In Gastroenterology, P.A.
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
The David W. & Susan G. Robinson Foundation
The Duke Endowment
Estate of William B. Douglas
Fairfield County Council
First Citizens
Founders Federal Credit Union
Greenwood Genetic Center
Hunt and Co. LLC
Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC
John T. Stevens Foundation
Leviant Foundation
Morrow Family Medicine LLC
The Roosevelt Institute
Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina
United Way of the Midlands
Vanguard Charitable


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