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School of Medicine Columbia

  • Students Evaluating a Patient

Patient Care

Our students and faculty are improving patient care across the state through exemplary biomedical education, transformative research and compassionate care for all.

Part of Our Curriculum

Each of our academic programs will have opportunities to work directly with our clinical partners to gain valuable patient care experience during their time at the School of Medicine Columbia. From clerkships for our third and fourth year medical students, to clinical rotations for PA, Genetic Counseling, Nurse Anesthesia, Counseling and Rehabilitation and clinical research opportunities for our Biomedical Science students.

Faculty Standard

Patient care is an integral part of what we do at the School of Medicine Columbia, as our clinical faculty are themselves providing exceptional care across our state. While teaching, molding, and growing the next generation of health care providers, our people are providing exemplary patient-centered care in the process.

Residents and Fellows

Our partnership with Prisma Health Midlands includes exceptional residency and fellowship programs.

Rural Initiative

The SOMC Center for Rural and Primary Health Care, along with the state's Rural Health Office, provide opportunities for health care initiatives and patient care in communities across our state which need it most.

Florence Regional Campus

Our care and attention to the people of our state is not just limited to the city of Columbia, but with clinical education sites across our state, namely in conjunction with our Florence Regional Campus, our reach allows our students and faculty to impact all five regions of the state of South Carolina.

Clinical Departments

In partnership with Prisma Health Midlands, our 10 clinical departments provide exceptional education and growth opportunities namely for our MD, PA and Nurse Anesthesia students.

Our Clinical Partnerships

Improving our community's health is a big task and we can't do it alone. We partner with organizations throughout our community to ensure our patients get all the support they need, while our students are obtaining the world-class education they deserve.

Keeping Our Students at Home

Our initiatives are so important to us, because 70% of students who attend medical school and then complete their residencies and fellowships in the same state, stay and practice as full-time providers in that state.

Our focus on patient care from our faculty providers leads to better educated students who become the next great physicians who then stay and practice in South Carolina to give its people the best health care possible.

Looking for a Physician?

Looking to find a physician or health care provider? Head to the Prisma Health home page to find a provider that meets your needs.

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