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School of Medicine Columbia


Educating the next generation of great health care providers in the field of radiology is at the heart of our department’s mission.

M.D. Students

Radiology is one of the several distributed curricula that are spread throughout all four years of medical school.  In the pre-clerkship phase, Radiology is incorporated within the M-I Foundational Anatomy course as well as the various systems blocks in the M-II year.  M-III students are exposed to Radiology throughout the core clerkships when imaging is used in their patient care experiences.  A dedicated Radiology lecture is included within the M-III Surgery clerkship.  M-III students also have the option to take a one-week elective in Radiology.  M-IV students can take a four-week elective in Radiology.  During the Capstone rotation of the M-IV year, all students get a refresher on Radiology to help prepare them for the start of residency.  The M-IV students matching into Radiology residencies get a week of detailed instruction related to the specialty. For further information on radiology rotations, head to the M.D. curriculum page.

Graduate Students

Our department provides imaging lectures and active learning activities to students in various graduate programs at the USC School of Medicine Columbia.  This includes the Biomedical Sciences, Genetic Counseling, Nurse Anesthesia, and Physician Assistant programs.

Residents and Fellows

Our department provides periodic Radiology instruction within residencies and fellowships of other specialties at Prisma Health.  There is not a Radiology residency program at the USC School of Medicine/Prisma Health.  Over the years, our M.D. program students have shown a high level of interest in Radiology.  Since 2014, over 50 students from USC School of Medicine Columbia have entered Diagnostic or Interventional Radiology residencies, and the number continues to grow. 

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