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School of Medicine Columbia

Research Training & Programs

Emerging Physician Scientists

The Emerging Physician Scientists program supports faculty with exceptional promise to enhance their research skills and develop pilot data to jump start their research careers.

The Emerging Physician Scientist Faculty Fellowship (EPS) program is an exciting opportunity for early career or transitioning physician scientists to gain experience and mentorship in translational research.

The EPS Faculty Fellowship is a 15-month program that will include education, training and pilot project funding, intended to inform a successful extramural grant application and submission. The EPS program aims to facilitate new and innovative, interdisciplinary, translational research with emphasis on diseases and conditions of importance to South Carolina’s future.

For more information on the Emerging Physician Scientists program email us at

Transformative Research Seed Grants

The purpose of the Transformative Research Seed Grant Initiative is to facilitate collaborative research activities between the University of South Carolina and its clinical partners. These projects should focus on health care innovations, care delivery models, community-based care serving rural or underserved populations, or biomedical science that translates to clinical practice. 

Projects must include an investigative partnership between a University of South Carolina- Columbia faculty member and a clinical collaborator from Prisma Health-Midlands. In addition, awardees must propose a research project that will serve as support for an extramural research grant application, and recipients are expected to disseminate their work locally, regionally, and/or nationally. Projects may be funded up to $20,000, and applicants can request a project period of 15 months.

 Please contact the RCTH team at for more information.

Bridge Funding

Bridge funding is a vital initiative to ensure that the research mission of the USC SOMC is supported and maintained. It serves as a lifeline for ongoing research projects that may face temporary gaps in funding. This type of support is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Sustaining Momentum: Research projects often operate on timelines, and interruptions in funding can disrupt the momentum of important studies. Bridge funding prevents such interruptions, allowing researchers to maintain their focus and progress.
  2. Retaining Talent: Our school is home to exceptional faculty members whose innovative research drives our mission forward. By offering bridge funding, we can retain these talented individuals during funding gaps, preventing the loss of valuable expertise.
  3. Advancing Science: Many groundbreaking discoveries emerge from ongoing research. Bridge funding ensures that promising projects can continue their work, potentially leading to significant scientific advancements.
  4. Supporting Future Funding: When seeking external grants or funding opportunities, having ongoing research with preliminary data is often essential. Bridge funding enables researchers to generate this data, improving their chances of securing long-term support.

For information on applying, the application process, submissions and any other enquiries, please contact Toni Bracey at or 803-216-3311.

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