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School of Medicine Columbia

Applied Biotechnology Masters Concentration

Program Information

The program consists of 39 credits taken over a 2-year period of study, including five lab-based courses in which the students learn methods ranging from sample preparation to microscopic imaging. An important component of the program is an internship in a biomedical research laboratory where students will apply what they learn to a research project focusing on areas such as inflammation, cancer, cardiovascular and neurological diseases, immunology, and drug delivery. Students in the M.S. in Biomedical Sciences Applied Biotechnology concentration will be required to successfully complete either a research or library-based thesis.

Sample Curriculum

Applied Biotechnology Sample Curriculum Document

Representative Equipment

The following list represents some of the equipment you will be trained on in our courses:

Leica SP8 Multiphoton Confocal Leica Stellaris 5 Dichroic
JEOL 1400 Plus Transmission Electron Microscope JEOL JSM IT100 Scanning Electron Microscope
Leica Ultracut R Ultramicrotome BD FACSDISCOVER S8 Cell Sorter
BD FACS Symphony A5 Cell Analyzer BioRad BioPlex 200
BioRad GelDoc XR+ System and iMark Microplate Absorbance Reader LiCor Odyssey CLX System
BioRad CFX Connect rtPCR iBright CL1500 Imager
AMIRA Image Analysis Software Leica LASX 3D software
PerkinElmer Quantum GX microCT Imaging System PerkinElmer IVIS Spectrum Fluorescence and Bioluminescence Imaging System
Visual Sonics VEVO 3100 High Resolution In Vivo Imaging System  


Amy (Rowley) Mackowiak, PharmD - Infectious Diseases Pharmacist at Duke University Hospital

The University of South Carolina Biotechnology program instilled in me foundational knowledge and research techniques that I regularly apply to the care of patients. I am so thankful for the faculty support and mentorship during this program and their ability to customize this experience based on my interests and professional goals.

Amy (Rowley) Mackowiak

Caleb Padgett, PhD- MD/PhD Program at Medical College of Georgia

Austin Worden, PhD- Director, Instrumentation Resource Facility

As the IRF Director and Director of the Applied Biotechnology program, I feel like my opinion is majorly skewed in the positive direction. However, I am one of the many testaments to the success and importance of the program. I can truly say that I would not be where I am today without the courses, training, and guidance that I received in the applied biotechnology program.

Austin Worden

Nguyen Vu- Senior Principal Researcher at Eisai US

Ashley Ferri- Staff Biomedical Engineer at Columbia VA Hospital

Madison Yemc- Biosciences Sales Specialist – Nikon Instruments Inc.

The Applied Biotechnology Program at UofSC SOM played a pivotal role in launching my career into industry. The comprehensive curriculum, research opportunities, and valuable hands-on learning experiences equipped me with the diverse competencies required to confidently navigate and succeed in my professional journey.

Madison Yemc

*COVID-19 delayed student progress*

Elisabeth Caldwell

Kinsey Meggett- PhD Candidate at Clemson University

The biotechnology program was an integral part of my training as a student. I developed critical technical skills that have advanced my research capabilities and was always encouraged by supportive and talented faculty/staff to create my own learning experiences. I would not be the student researcher I am today without this training!

Kinsey Meggett

Morgan Lano-CMC Regulatory Technician at Nephron Pharmaceuticals

Nia Hall- PhD Candidate at USC School of Medicine Columbia

Ari VillaFuerta- Technical Staff at MUSC

Karmen Owen- Research Specialist at Instrumentation Resource Facility

Kasie Roark- PhD Student at USC School of Medicine Columbia

My time in the Applied Biotechnology Concentration was instrumental in my success as a scientist. The program helped me to grasp the 'basics' of biomedical research through hands-on training in a variety of biochemical assays, microscopic imaging techniques, and other cutting-edge research approaches. This program heightened my personal and professional growth by allowing me to be part of a tight-knit community focused on collaborative science and for that I am so thankful.

Kasie Roark

Kyle Stegman- MD Student at MUSC

Ryan Ball- PhD Student at USC School of Medicine Columbia

Chelsea Zizzi

Emily Walliser


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