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School of Medicine Columbia


From our policies, rules and regulations and other recommended resources find everything you need when conducting research within the IRF below.

Core Usage Guidelines

  1. All users must be trained by the appropriate IRF staff member prior to using any equipment.
  2. Individuals not employed by the IRF may not train additional users on any equipment.
  3. Once properly trained, unsupervised access is permitted after business hours and on weekends.
  4. There will be no food or drink permitted in wet lab areas or around any IRF equipment.
  5. IRF staff will be treated respectfully as the technical experts they were hired to be and will not be pressured to complete work ahead of schedule or before others in the queue.
  6. IRF users will be kind and courteous to other users while promptly cleaning up after themselves once their reservation is completed.
  7. All equipment or IRF facilities, such as the IRF conference room, must be reserved through the online booking system, iLabs.
  8. Individuals who are later than 20 minutes to the reserved time will forfeit their reservation to allow for other usage.
  9. Individuals who are deemed no-shows more than 3 times will be charged one usage hour for each absence.
  10. If using a non-computer-based piece of equipment, the user must fill out all requested information in the equipment logbook or through the QR code portal.
  11. If conflicts arise on a piece of equipment the IRF Director, or his designate, will have the final say on the issue.
  12. According to its data saving policy, the IRF will only save data for the current and previous year. The IRF will not be responsible for data beyond this time frame.
  13. All IRF facilities are monitored through a security system. If an individual is caught removing equipment or supplies without IRF consent, their PI will be subject to a fine equal to the cost of replacement.
  14. Additionally, if a user breaks a piece of equipment, and does not notify an IRF staff member of the situation, their PI will be subject to a fine equal to the cost of repair or replacement.
  15. Publications matter! All use of the IRF facility or expertise will result in a published acknowledgement by the user and PDF copy submitted to the IRF Director upon acceptance.


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