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Praxis in Social Medicine (PRISM) is a collaboration between the USC SOM and community in service to shared health and learning goals.

For Students

Praxis in Social Medicine (PRISM) is experiential learning in the social determinants of health. Students complete a service-learning project and participate in learning activities related to social medicine guided by SOMC faculty and community-based mentors. By participating, students expand their understanding of community health, social determinants of health, and the range of potential physician roles in the community.

For Community Partners

PRISM is closer collaboration from an institutional partner in education and health. Mutuality is a core value of PRISM; therefore, at an organizational level, we prioritize communication and follow-through in support of community partner priorities. PRISM is also an opportunity for conversation to address concerns across educational, clinical, and community-based domains. The PRISM advisory group helps to oversee the student learning cycles, set program priorities, and foster healthy dialogue to grow community-based action for the SOM.

2023-24 PRISM Participants

Organization Student Representatives Org Representative Faculty Mentor
FoodShare TBA TBA James Cook
Sistercare Emie Jackson
Deborah Keen
Yvone Shametaj
Catherine Ross Britt Wilson
Free Medical Clinic Chelsea Benedict
Mollie Davidson
Kristina Borglum
Freddie Strange Patricia Witherspoon
Good Samaritan Clinic Allen Khodab
Nelson Gonzalez
Patrick Haugh
Adam Beall
Lidia Navarette
Carlos Montes
Christopher Goodman
Links to Care Madisyn Currie   Christopher Goodman
Medtoship Erin Schnell
Michael Shahid
  Donna Ray
Courage Center Hannah Gandy
Emily Ruggiero
Danni Hix
Jayra Penaloza
Randy Rush
Trish England
Ben Thompson
Voter Project Sreeja Varanasi   Dawn Bingham
COG/Community Screenings Mattie Thomas
Perry Fleming
  Donna Ray


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