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Student Success and Wellness

The Student Success and Wellness Center develops and implements holistic student programs that allow students to thrive academically and personally throughout their medical school experience. These support systems are designed to empower students to take care of themselves while completing their academic program and transfer those self-care skills into their future careers.

Our Purpose

The Students Success and Wellness Center recognizes that students in our six advanced programs are working each day to meet academic expectations while maintaining a healthy life balance. Students across all programs share common experiences as they make the transition to new academic workloads, varying teaching styles, and complexity of material. With this in mind, we provide preventative and proactive programs that support intellectual, emotional, social, and mental health and that encourage self-care, resiliency, wellness and lifelong learning.

With this in mind, we provide preventative and proactive programs that support intellectual development, personal growth, and emotional and social well-being to encourage self-care, resiliency, wellness, and lifelong learning.

Intellectual Wellness

We meet with students individually and in groups to evaluate past study techniques and how those skills will transfer to their specific academic program. We provide academic support sessions for many classes and major board exams to help students apply the content they are learning in classes as they meet program milestones.

Personal Growth and Emotional & Social Well-Being

The School of Medicine has a counselor on site who is familiar with our academic programs, their program calendars, and times of extra intensity and stress. Students can schedule an appointment to discuss concerns, challenges and solutions. We offer a series of mindfulness programs and assistance with other issues that can interrupt academic success including time management and test anxiety.

Success and Wellness Events

As we plan wellness programs, we recognize time is a major factor in student lives. We offer quick diversions from the regular academic day including festivals, drum circles, watercolors, yoga, campus walks, and our favorite, therapy dogs. We enjoy some seasonal programs like March Madness competitions, an egg hunt, and a SOM Ping Pong Tournaments. You may also meet the SSWC T-Rex at some of our wellness programs.


Success and Wellness Events

Monday Mindfulness

Monday, Aug. 5, 2024

Location: See event description for more details.

Dog Days!

Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2024

Location: See event description for more details.

Monday Mindfulness

Monday, Aug. 12, 2024

Location: See event description for more details.

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