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Darla Moore School of Business


Current Students

The Intercultural Development Inventory assesses cultural competencies when interacting across different cultures. Students in the pilot program thus far include the MGMT 408: Rising Scholars section of UNIV 101. The program is scheduled to add more students in additional phases. If you are interested in bringing this assessment to your organization, please fill out the request form.

Future Students

As part of our commitment to enhancing South Carolina representation, the Moore School has introduced the Rising Scholars program. This initiative is specifically tailored to connect South Carolina students pursuing degrees within the Moore School with essential opportunities and resources on campus. Incoming freshmen selected for the program will become part of a cohort of motivated individuals dedicated to honing the skills needed to become successful leaders. 

Learn more about Rising Scholars.

Provides a path to enrollment at the Darla Moore School of Business, career mentoring, field studies, conferences and other programming for local high school students. The program seeks to pique students' interest in business careers while linking them to the unmatched resources at the world-renowned Moore School.

Learn more about the Power Forward Program.

The Business Success Academy is a five-day residential program offering a highly interactive and engaging experience for rising high school juniors and seniors in South Carolina. Tailored to provide participants with insights into various facets and functional areas of business, the program offers a glimpse into the life of a Moore School student. Throughout the program, participants receive high-level, focused instruction in core business courses including accounting, economics, data analytics and business communications.

Upon successfully completing the Business Success Academy program, attendees become eligible to apply for an exclusive scholarship opportunity after meeting the admission requirements and being admitted to the Darla Moore School of Business.

Apply Now for the Summer 2024 Business Success Academy.

The Moore School collaborates with several of South Carolina's HBCUs to provide access to specialized, accelerated master's programs for alumni seeking advanced graduate education. This initiative extends the profound impact of these vital institutions. Students interested in advancing their education beyond their home institutions are encouraged to explore programs at the Moore School. We assist students in understanding the admission requirements for accelerated master's programs and advancing their education. Additionally, our team provides support in navigating academic pathways, ensuring a seamless transition for those eager to pursue advanced education. 

For more information and to indicate your interest in participating, please email Xavery Hopkins.

Employees and Community

The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) is a valuable tool that assesses cultural competencies, providing insights into individuals' abilities to interact effectively across various cultures. This assessment is crucial for enhancing understanding and fostering environments that embrace differences. It evaluates the capacity to navigate and communicate in multicultural settings, promoting a deeper awareness of intercultural competence.

Recognizing the significance of the IDI in promoting proficiency, we encourage you to consider bringing this assessment to your organization. By filling out the request form, you can proactively contribute to fostering a more competent environment, supporting better communication, collaboration, and understanding within your community or workplace.

The Black Alumni Alliance's main goals are to mentor minority students during their time in the Moore School and assist them in finding different jobs, internships and scholarships that are available to them.

The alliance also wants to assist the Moore School with recruiting more African American faculty members and students. Another major goal of the new group is to mobilize the alumni network to support funding of Moore School initiatives and scholarships for underserved students. 


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