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Darla Moore School of Business

MACC graduate learns the value of soft skills while pursuing her degree

May 13, 2019

Hannah Bundy (B.S. ’18, MACC ’19)

Recent Master of Accountancy alumna Hannah Bundy (B.S. ’18, MACC ’19) learned in her time at the Moore School that grades and GPA only count for so much. She said what makes you stand out are the skills you can’t learn from a textbook, such as communication, time management and teamwork.

“A lot of the courses in the MACC program are participation-based, and a number of them require group work and presentations,” Bundy said. “In certain classes, I had more than one project going on at once, so being able to stay organized, manage my time effectively and communicate with my group members became of the utmost importance. The presentations and class participation also helped me give more meaningful and confident presentations.”

Hannah gained these and other professional skills through her time in the undergraduate and graduate accounting programs at the Moore School. She chose to continue in her studies here after earning her bachelor’s in finance and accounting because of the quality of the education she found at the Moore School.

“I decided that I wanted to get my master’s in accounting and thought there would be no better way than to stay at the school that has provided me so much in the past,” she said.

In the fall, Hannah will be starting full-time at accounting firm Elliott Davis in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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