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Darla Moore School of Business

Student and Rising Scholar serves elementary school reading program

Oct. 8, 2020

For sophomore Taniah German, the Moore School’s Rising Scholars program has provided her with many opportunities throughout her college career, one of them being the chance to work with elementary schoolers through Carolina Reads. 

German, a risk management and insurance major from North Charleston, South Carolina, knew before she came to South Carolina that she was passionate about her major and that it was the career path she wanted to take.

“I chose risk management and insurance as my major because back in high school my English teacher allowed me to be the student to give his sister a tour,” she said. “She was the sweetest lady; she was a risk management and insurance major herself, and her story stuck with me and I felt inspired by her to take up the major myself. I believe it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

When she started at USC in fall 2019, she decided to enroll in the Rising Scholars program to help her with the transition to college.

“Being a part of Rising Scholars was and is a great experience,” German said. “Because not only are the other students like me, being a first year or having similar backgrounds, but also because it really helped guide me through my freshmen year transition with peer and faculty mentoring and making sure I succeeded all around not only in [the Moore School] but also on the campus as a whole.”

The Rising Scholars program has given German the tools to succeed in her first year and beyond at USC, her home away from home where she feels comfortable. 

“The Rising Scholars program is a very encouraging program and motivates me to do my very best,” she said. “The Rising Scholars aren’t just an ‘in school group,’ it’s a community, a family; they care about my success in all aspects.”

Rising Scholar mentors are there to help students adjust to college life while also showing them the many opportunities that are available at USC. German is excited that Rising Scholars has opened the door for her to participate in a work-study with Carolina Reads. As a work-study opportunity, Carolina Reads allows her to gain valuable work experience while earning money to help with financial expenses.

German, an avid reader, will be helping first, second and third graders in the Carolina Reads program learn how to read and become more comfortable with reading on a daily basis.

“I think it’s hard for us as we get older to reflect back on our own youth, so I look forward to seeing and remembering what it’s like to be that young through my book buddies, all the while helping them become efficient readers and gain a better understanding toward their school work,” she said. 

German looks forward to reading with the kids, networking at the Moore School and participating in the Rising Scholars program in the semester ahead. All of the skills that she attains from each of these programs will be useful in her hopeful future career in insurance and risk management. 

“After graduation, with the exposure I gain through internships and networking, I see myself working in the business field; hopefully as an underwriter,” German said. “I plan to share my experiences with other young ladies about the benefits of continuing their education as well as making a career out of their degree.”

German was also a UPS Global Scholar in 2020-21. 

-Claire McGrath

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