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Darla Moore School of Business

About the Folks Center

The Folks Center engages with multinational companies, international organizations and academic partners to identify and analyze the major international issues that impact strategy, risk and innovation, workforce needs and leadership skills. We create strategic partnerships that contribute to learning and innovation in a global context and connect to the Moore School’s outstanding faculty expertise and research.

The center’s distinguished Global Advisory Board is comprised of senior executives at leading multinational companies and organizations around the world who play a vital leadership role in the center. Through their insights, these leaders help identify ideas and initiatives that keep the curriculum on the cutting edge of international business and ensure that today's global business leaders are ready to succeed in a multifaceted, fast-moving marketplace.

Mission and Vision

Leadership and pioneering ideas are brought to life through three areas: 


Understanding the world through debate and analysis of key global issues and providing actionable research for the business community.


Innovative and immersive global learning experiences for students.


Collaborations where expertise and resources creatively contribute to the development of the International Business program.

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.