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Page Prize Database

This database of previous Page Prize award winners and honorees is a resource for business school educators interested in the development of courses focused on sustainability. Each submission is searchable based on the following criteria: individual course/program of study, year, author name/university, title of submission, key topics covered.


Year Program Author(s) Program Materials Keywords(hidden column)
2022 *Master of Science in Sustainability Management David Bartlett, Ph.D., American University, Kogod School of Business

Master in Sustainability Management Course Listing

Applied, Management, Sustainability, Management, Undergrad, MBA, Ph.D., Graduate
2022 **Social Impact Marketing Maddy Kulkarni, Southern Methodist University and University of Texas at Dallas

Social Impact Marketing Syllabi

Impact, Branding, Marketing, Undergrad, MBA, Ph.D., Graduate
2022 **Net Zero Energy Robert Sroufe, Ph.D.,  Duquesne University, Palumbo-Donahue School of Business

Net Zero Energy Module

Energy, Data, Decarbonization, Operations, Operations Management Undergrad, MBA, Ph.D., Graduate
2021 *Course: Corporate Sustainability Management  Tim Rogmans, Zayed University, College of Business Corporate Sustainability Management Course Modules Corporate Strategy, Strategy, Undergrad, MBA
2021 *Course: Applied Organizational Sustainability Christopher Craig, Ph.D., Murray State University, Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business Applied Organizational Sustainability Syllabus [PDF] Climate, Weather, STEM, Management, Undergrad
2021 **Course: Integrating Sustainability Olga Hawn, Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Kenan-Flagler Business School Applied Integrating Sustainability Syllabus [PDF] Strategy, Implementation, Strategy, MBA
2021 **Course: Impact Investing Jim Rogmans, University of California, Los Angeles, Anderson School of Management Impact Investing Syllabus [PDF] Social Ventures, Venture Capital, Finance, MBA
2020 *Course: Purpose of Finance Ellen Quigley, PhD and Daid Pitt-Watson, University of Cambridge, Judge Business School Purpose of Finance Syllabus [PDF] Finance, Undergrad, MBA, Ph.D. MBA
2020 **Resource: Business School Lesson Plans for the Sustainable Development Goals Heather Ranson and Rachel Bond, University of Victoria, Gustavson School of Business Business School Lesson Plans for the Sustainable Development Goals [PDF] Sustainable Development Goals, SDG, Business, Undergrad, Ph.D., MBA
2019 *Program-Course: Business in Democracy: Advocacy, Lobbying and the Public Interest Andrew Hoffman, Ross School of Business, School of Environment and Sustainability  Business in Democracy: Advocacy, Lobbying and the Public Interest syllabus [PDF]  government, public, private, lobbying, corporate social responsibility (CSR) 
2019 **Program-Course: Sustainability Reporting Kenton D. Swift, University of Montana Sustainability Reporting syllabus [PDF]

Sustainability Report Analysis Group Project [PDF]

Big Sky Inn Case Study [PDF] 
Sustainability reporting, accounting, annual report
2018 *Course: “Building a Sustainable Future: Business Model Innovation as a Force for Good” André Du Pin Calmon, INSEAD David F. Drake, Leeds School of Business Jackie Stenson, INSEAD Building a Sustainable Future: Business Model Innovation as a Force for Good [pdf]  
2018 **Course: “Twenty-first Century Energy” Martha Crawford, Harvard Business School Twenty-first Century Energy [pdf]  
2018 **Course: “Managing Global Sustainability Challenges” Carol Hee, Kenan-Flagler Business School Managing Global Sustainability Challenges [pdf]  
2018 **Course: “Sustainable Business in Iceland” Andrew Hoffman, Ross School of Business, School of Environment & Sustainability Sustainable Business in Iceland [pdf]

Iceland Operational Itinerary [pdf]
2017 *Course: "Assessing the Broader Impact of Business" Diane-Laure Arjaliès, Ivey Business School Assessing the Broader Impact of Business [pdf]  
2017 *Course: "Reimagining Capitalism" George Serafeim, Harvard Business School Reimagining Capitalism [pdf]  
2017 **Resource: "Online Platform for the Global CSR Community" Bodi Vasi, Tipie College of Business Online Platform for the Global CSR Community  
2017 **Course: "Leading Organizational Change for Sustainability" Cynthia Thompson, Baruch College Leading Organizational Change for Sustainability syllabus [pdf]

Discussion Board Prompts [pdf]

Organizational Change Project [pdf]

Personal Change Project [pdf]Class Schedule [pdf]
2017 **Course: "International Business and Sustainable Development Goals" Michelle Westermann-Behaylo, Amsterdam Business School International Business and Sustainable Development Goals [pdf]  
2016 **Course: "Sustainability Strategy" Olga Hawn, Kenan-Flagler School of Business Sustainability Strategy syllabus [pdf]  
2016 **Course: "Leadership, Strategy and Sustainability" Daina Mazutis, Telfer School of Management Leadership, Strategy and Sustainability [pdf]

Case Writing Guidelines [pdf]

Group Project Guidelines [pdf]
2016 *Course: “Building Sustainable Cities and Infrastructure” John Macomber, Harvard Business School Building Sustainable Cities and Infrastructure syllabus [pdf]  
2016 *Course: “Ethics and CSR” Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez, Ph.D., Universidad EAFIT Ethics and Social Responsibility syllabus [pdf]

Ethics and Social Responsibility scenarios (Spanish) [pdf]
2015 **Program: "Managing CSR" and "Sustainability Analysis and Reporting" Ryan Rafferty, Simmons College Managing CSR [pdf]

Sustainability Analysis & Reporting [pdf]
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainability Management, Sustainability Analysis, Sustainable Reporting
2015 *Program: Sustainable Entrepreneurship MBA Program Carolyn Bonifield, et Al., University of Vermont SEMBA Course Curriculum [pdf]

Module 1: Foundations of Management [pdf]

Module 2: Building a Sustainable Enterprise Practicum: Planning [pdf]

Module 3: Growing a Sustainable Enterprise [pdf]

Module 4: Focusing on Sustainability [pdf]
Entrepreneurship, Foundations of Management, Sustainable Enterprise, Entrepreneurship
2015 **Curriculum: Marketing and Global Sustainability Sue Keaveney, University of Colorado Denver Marketing and Global Sustainability [pdf]   
2015 **Curriculum: Sustainability Strategy Olga Hawn, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School Sustainability Strategy [pdf]  Sustainability Strategy
2014 *Program: Concentration and Major in Managing for Sustainability (Selective Courses) Steve Maguire, et Al., McGill University BCOM MSUS [pdf]

Technology and Innovation for Sustainability [pdf]

Systems Thinking and Sustainability [pdf]

Sustainability Consulting [pdf]

Strategies for Sustainability [pdf]
Concentration and Major in Managing for Sustainability (Selective Courses)
2014 **Course: Strategies for Sustainability Jonathen Doh, Villanova University Syllabus [pdf]

Chiquita [pdf]

Coke in India [pdf]

GMO Simulation [pdf]

Green Suds [pdf]
Course: Strategies for Sustainability 
2014 **Course: Corporate Social Responsibility in the Global Supply Chain John Visich, Bryant University Lecture and Case [pdf] Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Global Supply Chain
2014 **Course: Applied Sustainable Leadership Ron Dufresne, David Steingard, St. Joseph's University Applied Sustainable Leadership [pdf] Leadership in Sustainability, Sustainable Strategy
2014 **Course: Sustainable Behavior of Consumers, Firms, and Societies Karen Winterich, Penn State Sustainable Behavior of Consumers, Firms, and Societies [pdf] Sustainable Marketing, Sustainability Trends, Role of Consumers in Sustainability, Sustainability in Business and Society
2013 **Program: Corporations and Society Guy Holburn, et Al., University of Western Ontario (Ivey Business School) Core Module [pdf]

Business and Government [pdf]

Business Strategy and Sustainability [pdf]

Managing the Triple Bottom Line [pdf]

Women in Leadership [pdf]

Attitudes Survey [pdf]
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
2013 **Course: New Venture Development for Social Enterprise Thomas Dean, Colorado State University Syllabus [pdf] Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Venturing
2013 *Program: Scheller College Sustainability Curriculum Beril Toktay, Howard Connell, Georgia Tech Curriculum [pdf] Innovation Tournament for Sustainability, Sustainable Innovation, Sustainability Management, Sustainable Strategy, Sustainable Consulting, New Product Development, Sustainable Reporting
2013 **Course: Emerging Areas in Operations Management Ozge Islegen, Northwestern University Reading List [pdf] Operations Management, Supply Chain Sustainability, Energy and Climate Change
2013 **Course: Managing Sustainability Vaibhav Bhamoriya, Rama Mohana Turaga, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad Curriculum [pdf] Sustainability Management, Sustainable Strategy
2012 **Course: Financial Analysis of Environmental, Social, and Governance Data Mark Cohen, Vanderbilt University Syllabus [pdf] Financial Analysis of Environmental, Social, and Governance Data (ESG), Bloomberg, Sustainable Strategy, Sustainability Analysis, Sustainability Performance
2012 **Program: Social, Environmental and Ethical Responsibility Certificate Michael Crooke and Warren Hahn, Pepperdine University Program Courses [pdf] Sustainability in Business and Society, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Leadership in Sustainability
2012 *Course: Sustainability Inspired Product and Service Design Michael G. Luchs, The College of William and Mary Syllabus [pdf]

Schedule [pdf]

Living Principles Assignment [pdf]

Final Design Project Instructions [pdf]

Course Intro and Pictures [pdf]

Brief Case Studies in Sustainability Template [pdf]
Sustainable Product Development, Sustainable Service Design
2011 **Course: Strategic CSR and Sustainability Pascual Berrone, Fabrizio Ferraro, Joan Enric Ricart, IESE Business School Syllabus [pdf] Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainable Strategy
2011 **Course: From Subsistence Marketplaces to Sustainable Marketplaces? Using Subsistence Marketplaces as Disruptive Laboratories to Develop Curricular Innovations on Environmental Sustainability Madhu Viswanathan, University of Illinois Overview [pdf]

Product Market Development [pdf]

Sustainable Business Enterprise [pdf]

Sustainable Marketing Enterprise [pdf]
Subsistence Marketplaces, Sustainable Product Development, Sustainable Market Development, Sustainable Enterprise
2011 *Course: Business Strategies for the Base of the Pyramid Ted London, University of Michigan Syllabus [pdf]

Teaching Notes [pdf]

Internship Projects [pdf]
Sustainability in Developing Countries, Subsistence Marketplaces
2011 **Course: Creative Design for Affordability Monica Touesnard, Cornell University Syllabus [pdf] Sustainable Design, Sustainable Strategy
2011 *Program: Innovation for Sustainability Ed Freeman, et Al., University of Virginia Submission [pdf] Sustainable Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Leadership, Ethics
2010 *Program: Leaders in Sustainability Charles Corbett, Magali Delmas, University of California — Los Angeles Syllabus [pdf]
Certificate [pdf]
Leadership in Sustainability
2010 **Course: Sustainable Business Development Michael Russon, University of Oregon Syllabus [pdf]

Experiential Learning Projects [pdf]

Presentation [pdf]

Keen Report [pdf]
Sustainability in Business, Role of Government in Sustainability, Role of Consumers in Sustainability
2010 *Course: Sustainable Global Enterprise Glen Dowell, Stuart Hart, Mark Milstein, Cornell University Syllabus [pdf]

Bootcamp Coursepack [pdf]

Immersion Session Info [pdf]

Immersion Projects [pdf]
Sustainable Enterprise, Capitalism in Sustainability, Global, Leadership in Sustainability
2010 **Course: Business & Sustainability Monika Winn, Lorinda Rowledge, University of Victoria Course Outline [pdf]Appendices to Course Outline [pdf] Sustainable Innovation, Sustainable Value, Corporate Sustainability Assessment
2009 *Course: Business and the Environment Michael Toffel, Forest Reinhardt, Harvard University Syllabus [pdf] Business Strategy
2009 *Course: Green Construction & Design Andrew Hoffman, University of Michigan Syllabus [pdf] Sustainable Construction and Design, LEED Certification
2009 **Course: Modeling and Analysis for Environmental Sustainability Robert Clemen, Duke University Syllabus [pdf]  
2009 **Course: Environmental Strategy Carol Seagle, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School Syllabus [pdf] Environmental Strategy
2009 **Course: Sustainable Operations Gilvan Souza, Indiana University Syllabus [pdf] Sustainable Operations
2009 **Course: Business and Climate Change Anant Sundaram, Dartmouth University Syllabus [pdf] Business and Climate Change
2008  *Course: Environmental Sustainability Virginia Gerde, et Al., Duquesne University   Environmental Sustainability
2008 *Course: Sustainable Business Practices Robert Klassen, The University of Western Ontario (Ivey Business School) Syllabus [pdf] Management, Sustainable Development
2008 **Course: Environmental Considerations in Managerial Decision-Making Ravi Subramanian, Georgia Tech Syllabus [pdf] Environmental Considerations, Managerial Decision-Making
2008 **Program: Managing for Environmental Sustainability Debie de Lange, Herman van den Berg, University of Toronto Course [pdf]

Module 1 [pdf]

Module 2 [pdf]

Module 3 [pdf]

Module 3a [pdf]

Module 4 [pdf]
Management, Environmental Sustainability
2008 **Course: Corporate Environmental Management in Developing Nations Jorge Rivera, The George Washington University School of Business Syllabus [pdf] Corporate Environmental Management, Developing Nations
2008 **Course: Simple Carbon Math Joshua Skov, University of Oregon   Simple Carbon Math
2008 **Course: Introduction to Sustainable Business Practices Eric Arnould, University of Wyoming Syllabus [pdf] Sustainable Business Practices

*Grand Prize Winner
**Honorable Mention

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