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School of Music

Audio Recording

Recording Studio Equipment List

Access to quality recording equipment is vital to those studying in the field of audio recording. The equipment shown below is utilized daily in recording services operations, and is available to students enrolled in audio recording classes offered at the School of Music. The equipment is maintained and kept up to date by the school's audio engineer.

Tascam DM-4800 64 channel Digital Console

Digital Audio Workstation

  • Apple Mac Pro 3.33GHz 6-core, HP 24" LCD Display, Digidesign ProTools HD3 Accel System, Digidesign 192 I/O audio interface, Digidesign 192 Digital I/O audio interface
  • Software - Adaptec Toast with Jam CD Recording Software, Apple DVD Studio Pro Authoring Software, ProTools v8 Digital Audio Editing Software with the following Plug-Ins; Sonnox Reverb, Reverb One, D-Verb, Waves Renaissance Reverberator, Sonnox Dynamics, Bomb Factory LA-2A & 1176, Focusrite d3, McDSP MC2000, Waves Renaissance Compressor, Drawmer Dynamics, Sonnox Limiter & Inflator, Maxim, Sonnox Transient Modulator, Sonnox EQ, Massenburg High-Res EQ, Waves Renaissance Equalizer, Focusrite d2, McDSP FilterBank, DINR - DigiDesign Intelligent Noise Reduction, Bruno/Reso, D-Fi, DPP-1, Eventide H949 Harmonizer, WaveMechanics Speed & SoundBlender, Sound Replacer, Line 6 AmpFarm, Aphex Aural Exciter & Big Bottom Pro, Synchronic, Native Instruments B4 Virtual ToneWheel Organ, Celemony Melodyne, Isotope RX


  • Alesis Masterlink ML-9600, Tascam CD-401 CD Player

Burning/Duplication Station

  • Apple Intel iMac, Primera Bravo DVD Duplicator/Printer


  • Genelec 1032A (LCR), Genelec 7070A (Sub), Paradigm Active/20 (LsRs), EAW MS103, Yamaha NS-10, Realistic Minimum 7, Crest Amplifiers

Effects Processors

  • Lexicon PCM90, Lexicon PCM80, Yamaha SPX990, BSS DPR-404 Quad Compressor (2), BSS DPR-504 Quad Gate (2), BSS DPR-901 Dynamic EQ, Symetrix Voice Processor


  • AKG (D-112, C-414XLS, C-461), Audix MicroBoom 1290HC, Alesis/Groove Tubes (AM52), Audio-Technica (4033, 2020, 2021, 825, 853), BeyerDynamic (M130, M160), C-ducer (C-Tape), Crown (PCC-160), DPA (Bruel and Kjaer) (4006, 4090), Earthworks (TC30k), Electro-voice (N/D408B), Nady (RSM-4), Neumann (KM-184), Octava (MK012), Rode (K2, NTG-2), Royer (R-122), Sennheiser (MD-421, MD-431), Shure (SM-57, Beta 57, SM-81, VP-88), Countryman (Type 85 DI), Whirlwind (Director DI, HotBox DI)


  • LG 42" LCD Display, Sony 13" Video Monitor (6), Sigma 10-input video switcher, Sony SVO-9600 S-VHS VTR, Sony DVP-S560D DVD Player, Mark of the Unicorn Digital TimePiece, Horita NTSC Sync Generator

Portable Recording

  • MetricHalo 2882 I/O Firewire Interface, Apple MacBook, Marantz PMD-661 SD recorder, Tascam DR-680 SD recorder


  • Apogee AD-1000 A/D Converter w/Mic Preamps, Apogee DA-1000E D/A Converter, PreSonus BlueTube Mic Preamp, Rane MS-1 Mic Preamp (2), ClearCom communications system, Symetrix Headphone Amplifiers, Sennheiser and Sony Headphones, Korg 01W/FD Synth, Yamaha DX7 Synth w/breath control, Yamaha DX7 MkII Synth, Music Man 210/65 Vintage Tube Guitar Amp, Gallien-Krueger 200MB Bass Combo, various auxiliary percussion

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