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Group Piano Program

The Group Piano program provides instruction in basic keyboarding skills for non-keyboard music majors and non-music majors at the University of South Carolina.

Courses are taught by graduate teaching assistants who are pursuing graduate degrees in piano and piano pedagogy. All courses and course content is overseen and coordinated by Dr. Omar Roy.

The objective of the group piano program is to develop functional keyboard skills such as sight reading, harmonization, accompanying, transposition, improvisation and creative activities. These practical skills help music majors address situations that require keyboarding within the School of Music and in their career field. Additional skills taught in non-music major courses include reading the musical staff and basic music notation.

Group Piano Lab

All courses are taught in the state-of-the-art group piano lab, which is equipped with:

  • Yamaha Clavinova Digital Pianos, CVP 601 and 605
  • Baldwin Grand Piano
  • Smart Board, Visualizer, Document Camera
  • Computer with Classroom Maestro, Internet Midi and other software
  • Overhead and side view cameras on the teacher’s piano

The lab is located in Music Building, room 110.
No food or drink is allowed in the lab.


For Music Majors

MUED 155 and 156 – Group Piano
MUED 355 (only offered in fall) & 356 (only in spring) – Advanced Group Piano

Students can receive permission to register for Group Piano by contacting Margee Zeigler, undergraduate student services coordinator. Information on Group Piano for Music Majors (current students) is on our Intranet.

For Non-Music Majors

 MUED 155 and 156 – Group Piano
One section of MUED 155 & 156 is reserved for non-music majors. This course is for beginning pianists without prior musical training. Offered when possible.

Non-Credit Continuing Education Courses

Beginning group piano classes are also offered on a non-credit basis through the Center for Piano Studies.

Information on Group Piano for Music Majors (current students) is on our Intranet.

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