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School of Music



The School of Music houses three organs for student use – a two-manual, mechanical-action Schlicker (1970) with eight stops; a two-manual, 13-rank Schantz (1995); and a two-manual, mechanical-action Dobson (1995) of 31 stops.

The construction of the artistically designed Dobson instrument Opus 65, located in our 200-seat Recital Hall, has an attached keydesk with mechanically adjustable bench and lights for music rack and pedal. The case is of solid maple with curved, three-dimensional facade. Key action is mechanical, and stop and coupler actions are electric. The Swell to Great coupler may be controlled by a thumb reversible button, and the Swell and Great couplers to the Pedal may be controlled by toe reversibles. The combination action is solid state (32 channels) with 14 generals (thumb and toe) and six for each division (thumb for Great and Swell, toe for Pedal). The tuning is equal temperament; the two tremulants affect the entire organ.

In addition to these organs, we have a three-stop portative organ by Casavant, two 2-manual harpsichords, one 1-manual Italian harpsichord, one Muselar and two fortepianos.

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