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College of Nursing

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

We develop competent, caring leaders to build healthier communities and to advance the profession of nursing through teaching, research, and service.

Lower Division (Pre-Nursing)

Lower division (pre-nursing) students take core general education classes, such as English, history, math, and basic science and nursing courses that focus on health and wellness, the history of nursing, nutrition and pathophysiology.

A prescribed number of lower division courses must be completed before lower division, pre-nursing, students can apply to upper division. Acceptance into the lower division, pre-nursing level does not guarantee a student will progress to the upper division level. The process is competitive and based on progression GPA and an interview score.

Upper Division

Upper division nursing students combine clinical hours in various settings with classroom instruction and simulation. In upper division, nursing students are required to enroll full-time and take classes in the sequence offered.

Progression to Upper Division

Declaring nursing as a major or being admitted into the nursing major by the University Undergraduate Admissions Office does not guarantee admission to the upper division. Progression from lower division (pre-nursing) into upper division is, based on progression GPA and an interview score. Progression to upper division is limited to a set number of qualified students based on available clinical faculty and clinical placement sites.

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