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Online Learning Experience

Learn on your own schedule with our rigorous, interactive online courses. Online meetings, group projects and discussions are all part of your robust virtual classroom experience.

The USC Advantage

Although I am not physically in front of my professors, I can honestly say my learning has not been affected. If anything, it has been enhanced. All of my professors have been willing to go the extra mile to ensure I’m receiving a quality education.

Robert Blackwelder, RN, Master’s student (Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner)


Flexibility to earn your degree

Online-only classes:

  • RN to BSN
  • Master of Science in Nursing,
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice
  • Post-Master's Graduate Certificate programs

The Ph.D. program combines executive-style on-campus weekend courses with online assignments

Our faculty are specially trained to create an interactive and collaborative online class environment providing you with in-depth learning experiences. Work in groups to explore a wide range of topics, create multimedia projects and presentations, participate in small group or whole class discussions, critique work and learn from one another.

Although all didactic material is delivered online, some clinical courses require visits to the Columbia campus for immersion learning experiences or check-ins with faculty.  

Course content is delivered using the Blackboard course management system and Adobe Connect. For navigational ease, online course material is organized in a similar manner.

From the main course menu, you can quickly access announcements, faculty information, syllabus/online learning, weekly course guides and the class discussion board.

Course content is presented in the weekly course guides section. The guides outline the content for your review, relay the activities you must complete for the week and instruct you where to post your assignments. 

You should plan to spend about 12 hours of online and off-line study per week for each three-credit course in a regular 15-week semester. Our summer courses are accelerated and require additional study time.

Succeeding as an online student requires self-discipline and commitment to develop new technological, communication, time management and study skills. But you won’t make the online learning journey alone: your professors and peers will be available to offer support, guidance and encouragement along the way.

Although you will not have regular in-person interaction with your classmates and instructors, our online classes are designed with your engagement in mind. Chat with peers in the Student Café forum, a social space for classmate introductions and informal chatting about any topic of interest throughout the semester.

Each online course portal also contains a Questions about the Course forum where you can ask your classmates and instructor questions about the course content, assignments and resources. Some classes also include video assignments and student wiki pages where you can reflect on the material and share your real-world experiences.

Your professors are always available for help. Online meetings and virtual office hours are common, and instructors respond to student emails and phone messages


State Authorization

Although the University of South Carolina is a member of SARA, some state Boards of Nursing or state higher education commissions have recently started imposing restrictions for offering distance education courses within their state. Check to see if our online programs are open to residents in your state.


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