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College of Nursing

  • Simulated Patient Program

    Simulated Patient Program

Center for Simulation and Experiential Learning (SAEL)

As the state’s flagship nursing program, the University of South Carolina College of Nursing is leading the way to meet the critical need for registered nurses in the 21st century.  Accredited (2020) by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare in Teaching and Education SAEL uses the most innovative teaching techniques and tools available through simulation—an immersive teaching modality that replicates clinical scenarios in realistic practice environments.

Through the use of patient simulators, robotics, and other sophisticated teaching tools, nursing students experience clinical scenarios that range from common patient cases to low-frequency, high-risk events. In the center, students function within the full scope of practice, engaging in decision-making and interventions that only licensed registered nurses can do in patient care settings.

Students get experience assessing patients, examining lab results, collaborating with healthcare providers, managing care, and making critical decisions with real time feedback and guidance from expert clinical educators. Learning experiences in the center are all purposefully designed with the ultimate goal in mind: to make healthcare safer for patients through excellence in education and quality of care. 


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