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College of Nursing

Faculty and Staff

Kayla C. Everhart, PhD, RN

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Biobehavioral Health & Nursing Science
College of Nursing
Phone: 803-576-5999

College of Nursing 
University of South Carolina
1601 Greene Street, Room 603
Columbia, SC 29208-4001 
United States



Dr. Everhart's research is aimed at reducing morbidity and mortality of premature infants through clinical research.   


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Nist MD, Casavant SG, Dail RB, Everhart KC, Sealschott S, Cong XS. (2021). Conducting neonatal intensive care unit research during a pandemic: challenges and lessons learned. Nursing Research.

Wickersham K, Dawson R, Becker K, Everhart KC, Miles H, Schultz B, Tucker C, Wright P, & Jenerette C. (2022). We have nobody to help us: Experiences of individuals living with sickle cell disease and palliative care. Journal of Transcultural Nursing.

Everhart KC, Donevant S, Iskersky V, Wirth M, & Dail RB. (2022). Examining standard practices used for packed red blood cell transfusions for preterm infants: A National Survey. Reports and Reviews in Neonatology.

Everhart, KC, Donevant SB, Iskersky V, Wirth M, & Dail RB. (2022). Preterm infant stability during packed red blood cell transfusions: A case comparison. Nursing Research.

Everhart KC, Donevant SB, Iskersky V, Wirth M, & Dail RB. (In Press, 2022). Exploring contributing factors to the pathogenesis of necrotizing enterocolitis in very preterm infants: An adaptation of Neuman’s Systems Theory. Nursing Science Quarterly.


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