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College of Nursing

Faculty and Staff

Pamela J. Wright, PhD, MS, MEd, RN, CEN

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Biobehavioral Health & Nursing Science
College of Nursing
Phone: 803-777-6039

College of Nursing 
University of South Carolina
1601 Greene Street, 613
Columbia, SC 29208-4001 
United States



Resistance Exercise with Peer Support for Women with PCOS using a Smart Home Video Device: Feasibility Study Guided by Self-Determination Theory. USC ASPIRE. 7/1/2023-9/30/2024.

Biopsychosocial perspectives and healthcare concerns and needs among peri-postmenopausalwomen with PCOS: A qualitative study. Sigma Global Nursing Excellence. 6/1/2023-5/31/2022.

Exploring exercise outcome expectations and barriers and facilitators to exercise of women with PCOS to identify training supports for healthy lifestyle behavior change. NIH/NINR-F31 Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Individual Predoctoral Fellowship. 11/15/2020-11/15/2021. 

Professional Service

  • Society of Behavioral Medicine
  • Endocrine Society
  • Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society
  • Emergency Nurses Association.

Professional Practice

Emergency Department 

Research Studies (Selected)

  • Resistance Exercise with Peer Support with Bands/Ball and Digital Support (REPS w/BANDS), Phases I and II
  • Advancing Knowledge of Exercise as Therapeutic Management for Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  • Developing Smart Technology to Detect Medication-Taking Gestures
  • Virtual Home Assistant Use and Perceptions of Usefulness by Older Adults and Support Person Dyads

Publications (selected)

Wright, P. J., Tavakoli, A. S., & Corbett, C. F. (2023). PCOS health-related quality-of-life and depressive symptoms across the lifespan: Comparative study. Journal of Women & Aging, 1-15.

Wright, P. J., Raynor, P. A., Bowers, D., Combs, E., Corbett, C. F., Hardy, H., & Patel, K. (2023). Leveraging digital technology for social connectedness among adults with chronic care conditions: A systematic review. Digital Health, 9. 1-25.

Wright, P. J., Tavakoli, A. S., & Dawson, R. M. (2024). Exploratory factor and confirmatory analyses of the polycystic ovary syndrome health-related quality of life questionnaire (PCOSQ-50). Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, 22(15), 1-16. 

Wright, P. J., Corbett, C. F., Dawson, R. D., Wirth, M., & Pinto, B. M. (2023). Fitness Assessmentsof Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: A Prospective Process Feasibility Study. Clinical andExperimental Obstetrics & Gynecology, 50(4), 88.

Wickersham, K. E., Dawson, R. M., Everhart, K. M., Miles, H. S., Schultz, B. E., Starr, K. P., Tucker, C. M., Wright, P. J., & Jenerette, C. M. (2021). “We Have Nobody to Help Us”: Experiences of African Americans living with sickle cell  disease. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 1-12.

Wright, P. J., Corbet, C. F., Pinto, B. M., Dawson, R. M., & Wirth, M. D. (2021). The impact of exercise perceptions and depressive symptoms on PCOS-specific health-related quality-of-life. Women’s Health, 17, 1-10.

Corbett, C.F., Wright, P. J., Jones, K., & Parmer, M.D.  (2021). Older adults’ virtual home assistant use and the influence on social isolation and loneliness: A mini-review. Frontiers in Public Health, 9(742012), 1-6.

Wright, P. J., Corbett, C. F., Pinto, B., Dawson, R., & Wirth, M. (2021). Resistance training as a therapeutic management in women with PCOS: What is the evidence? International Journal of Exercise Science, 14(3), 840-854.

Corbett, C., Combs, E., Chandarana, P., Stringfellow, I., Worthy, K., Nguyen, T., Wright, P. J., Okane, J. (2021). Medication adherence reminder system for virtual home assistants: Mixed methods evaluative study. JMIR Formative Research, 5(7), e27327.

Nguyen, T., Combs, E.M., Wright, P. J., & Corbett, C.F. (2021). Reducing fall risks among visually-impaired older adults. Home Healthcare Now, 39(4), 186-191. (Note:  Article Selected for Continuing Education Credits).

Corbett, C.F., Combs, E.M., Wright, P.J., Owens, O.L., Stringfellow, I., Nguyen, T.P., & Van Son, C.R. (2021). Virtual home assistant use and perceptions of usefulness by older adult and support person dyads. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 18(3), 1113.

Wright, P. J., Pinto, B. M., & Corbett, C. F. (2020). Balancing internal and external validity using Precis-2 and RE-AIM: Case exemplars. Western Journal of Nursing, 1-9.

Wright, P. J., Corbett, C. F, & Dawson, R.M. (2020). Social construction of the biopsychosocial and medical experiences of women with PCOS. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 76(7), 1728-1736.

Shealy P. W., Lee W. J., DuBose, K. D., Kirkner, G. J., & Ainsworth, B. E. (2004). Risk factor screening and physical activity status among older South Carolinians. Journal of the SC Medical Association, 100, 299e-301e.

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