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Freshmen FAQ's with Senior Nursing Students

We are thrilled to welcome the class of 2025 to the University of South Carolina! Let the fun and studying begin!

Academic FAQ's with Sydney Jones

Thomas Cooper Library is never a bad move. There is Starbucks inside to fuel you while you study!  The CON has group and private study rooms in the building for all students to use. I always love studying outside, so I go to the horseshoe frequently.

Yes! Luckily for freshmen, all the classes are relatively close. The furthest walk I had was 15 minutes. You just have to learn to book it and become a speed walker. Plus side, you will get great calf muscles from those hills. 

I joined a sorority and went to the event on Greene Street where all the clubs get showcased. I am pretty sure I put my name on 10 email lists just to see what options I had! There are all kinds of things to be  part of. I recently just started my own club. The American Sign Language Club and we meet once a month on Wednesdays around 6pm. If you are interested in learning a new language, head our way and DM us on Instagram at 

NO!  Wait until first week of class to see what your professors recommend. Save your money!

Make sure you focus on your classes really hard freshman year! Always go to an SI session, even if you don't think you need it! You might learn something or hear something you had never thought about. Find study groups! Every nursing major will all be taking the same A&P classes, so get together and have group study sessions. We do this a lot in upper division, and it is super helpful.

Campus & Columbia FAQ's with Sophie Gilliam

Di Prato’s hands down! They have every panini you could ever imagine & the best pimento cheese you’ll ever taste.

Colloquium Cafe- especially because they even have açaí bowls for a meal swipe now!

Tubing down the Congaree River with friends! I bought a river tube at Walmart for $15 and I park one car at the Riverwalk Gervais Street entrance and another car at the Barney Jordan Boat Ramp.  Then I tube down for about two hours and use the car at the end to get the one at the top of the river.  It’s super fun, cheap and only minutes from campus!

Vivid Color Cut Style- Every time I’ve been to them throughout my three years of college, I’m greeted with nothing but friendliness and positivity. They have even told me to drop back by if I decided my cut wasn’t perfect after I left the salon! 

My favorite spot on campus is the patio area around Colloquium Cafe. It’s a great place to study! (Closely followed by the Horseshoe though!) 

Girls: If I’m not wearing my Carolina football jersey, I’m usually wearing a cute skirt or dress in garnet or black from my favorite local boutique, Vestique, which you can find in the 5 Points District, with comfortable shoes! Guys: A jersey, Gamecock polo, or Gamecock t-shirt! 


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