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College of Nursing


Current Funding


PI/Co-PI Grant Agency Amount
Abshire, Demetrius  Developing a Lifestyle Intervention to Reduce Body Weight for Obese African American Men Living in the Rural South NIH/NIMHD $739,328
Adams, Swann (Co-I) Carolina Center on Alzheimer's Disease and Minority Research National Institute for Aging/NIH $3,195,097
Adams, Swann (Co-I) South Carolina Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network: Partner-Engaged and Evidence-Based Multilevel Implementation CDC $299,699
Adams, Swann (Co-I) Wickersham, Karen (PI)  Disparities in Utilization of Oral Targeted Therapies for Treatment of Lung, Colorectal and Breast Cancer Among Adults Living in South Carolina Oncology Nursing Foundation $98,378
Andrews, Jeannette Jonas Scholars 2021-2023 Scholarship Jonas Philanthropies $15,000
Baliko, Beverly
Ribar, Alicia (Co-PIs)
TeleMentalScale BlueCross BlueShield of SC $525,000
Chappell, Kate
Davis, Victoria (Co-Is)
Preschool Development Grant: MIX EC: Multi-Systems Inclusion Expansion for Early Childhood DHHS $118,493
Corbett, Cindy
Jones, Kate
Integrating Virtual Home Assistant Use into Prisma Health SeniorCare PACE Participants' Care Plans. Prisma Health HSC $20,000
Corbett, Cindy South Carolina Nursing Assistant Program (SCNAP) SC Department of Health & Environmental Control (DHEC)/CDC $3,186,688
Dail, Robin Central & peripheral body temperature in VLBW preterm infants during the neonatal period: Relationship to neonatal infection and necrotizing enterocolitis NIH/NINR $2,893,400
Dawson, Robin (PI) Heiney, Sue (Mentor) A Patient-Centered Asthma Management Communication Intervention for Rural Latino Children NIH/NHLBI  $722,424
Dawson, Robin (co-I) South Carolina's Initiative to Address COVID-19 Health Disparities Among Populations at High-Risk and Underserved, Including Racial and Ethnic Minority Populations and Rural Communities Centers for Disease Control and Prevention $4,897,232
Everhart, Kayla Evaluation of a blood warming device for packed red blood cell transfusions to decrease hypothermia in very preterm infants The Gerber Foundation $327,097
Felder, Tisha
Heiney, Sue (Mentor)
Improving adherence to adjuvant hormonal therapy among Disadvantaged Breast Cancer Survivors  NIH/NCI $535,883
Felder, Tisha
Hebert, James (PI) 
Houston, Julia (Co-I)
Administrative Supplement for Strengthening, Research, Training, and Outreach Capacity of the Geographical Management of Cancer Health Disparities Programs (GMaP) University of Kentucky Research Foundation/ NIH/NCI $30,296
Heiney, Sue (Mentor)
Adams, Swann
Friedman, Daniela (PI) 
South Carolina Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network: Partner-Engaged and Evidence-Based Multilevel Implementation CDC/HHS $1,499,971
Heiney, Sue (Co-I)
Burch, James (PI)
Role of Circadian Factors in Inflammation and Colorectal Adenoma Risk NIH $3,641,898
Inman, Dianna
(Consortium PI)
Nurse Education, Practice, Quality, and Retention - Registered Nurses in Primary Care HRSA $77,129
Worthy, Karen SC Nursing Initiative to Address COVID-19 Health Disparities & Inequities CDC/DHEC Subaward $1,000,000
Liese, Angela, (Lead PI) Felder, Tisha Faculty Initiative for Improved Recruitment, Retention, and Experience (FIIRRE) National Cancer Institute (NCI)/NIH $13,193,018
Jones, Kathrine Nurse Faculty Loan Program FY2021 HRSA $155,916
Magwood, Gayenell S. (PI) Improving the Collaborative Health of Minority COVID‐19 Survivor & Carepartner Dyads Through Interventions Targeting Social and Structural Health Inequities NIH/NINR $2,569,489
McDonnell, Karen  Dyad-based Multiple Behavior Intervention for Reducing Lung Cancer Symptoms ACS MRSG $727,000
Murillo, Crystal
Onello, Rachel
Experilearn - A collaboration between academia and practice to improve the lives of the patients in this state Duke Endowment $739,856
Murillo, Crystal Project Experiential SHiNE: Simulation and Social-determinants of Health in Nursing Education HRSA $481,671
Pinto, Bernardine Peer Coaching for Physical Activity Promotion among Breast Cancer Survivors: Adapting an Efficacious Intervention to Prepare for Implementation NIH/NCI $1,120,250
Pinto, Bernardine  Peers Promoting Exercise Adoption and Maintenance among Cancer Survivors NIH $156,996
Pinto, Bernardine
Zarrett, N & Wilson, D (PIs)
Connect through PLAY: A staff-based physical activity intervention for middle school youth NIH/NINR $3,490,053
Pinto, Bernardine, Consortium PI
Valle, C. (PI)
Subaward: Promoting Physical Activity in Young Adult Cancer Survivors using mHealth and Adaptive Tailored Feedback Strategies NIH Subaward with UNC Chapel Hill $17,237
Raynor, Phyllis
Corbett, Cynthia
P.A.R.E.N.T.S.S. Project (Parents Adopting Recovery Management through New Technology for Self-Care and Support (for Mothers) NIH/NIDA $881,355
Ribar, Alicia 
Mitchell, Sheryl (Co-I)
Developing an APRN/FQHC Practice Training Partnership HRSA $2,390,653
Ribar, Alicia Nurse Faculty Loan Program HRSA $200,320
Ribar, Alicia Expanding an APRN Practice Training Partnership in South Carolina HRSA $2,599,616
Tavakoli, Abbas,
Jackson, Benjamin (PI)
Teriparatide Stress Fracture Recovery for Returning to Duty (Teriparatide: STRONG) DOD $2,958,862
Wickersham, Karen; Adams, Swann; Felder, Tisha; Heiney, Sue Disparities in Utilization of Oral Targeted Therapies for Treatment of Lung, Colorectal, and Breast Cancer among Adults Living in South Carolina Oncology Nursing Foundation $98,378
Wickersham, Karen; Felder, Tisha;  Murillo, Crystal Addressing Disparities in Cancer for African American Men in South Carolina: A Train-the-Trainer Program South Carolina Cancer Alliance $4,957
Wirth, Michael
Herbet, James, Hofseth, Lorne & Murphy, Angela
A Transdisciplinary Approach to Investigating Metabolic Dysregulation in Obese Parent and Child Dyads and Risk of Colorectal Cancer NIH $5,000,000
Wirth, Michael
Violanti, J & Burch, J. (PIs)
Atypical Work Hours and Adaptation in Law Enforcement:  Targets for Disease Prevention - Subcontract with the Research Foundation for SUNY on behalf of University of Buffalo NIJ $378,963
Wright, Pamela J. Biopsychosocial factors among women with and without chronic pelvis pain: a pilot study of the vaginal microbiome, 
ovarian hormones, and interpersonal relationships.
ACORN $20,000
Wright, Pamela J. Resistance exercise with peer support for women with PCOS using a smart home video device: Feasibility study guided by self-determination theory. Phase II. ASPIRE $14,980
Wright, Pamela J. Biopsychosocial perspectives and healthcare concerns and needs among peri-postmenopausal Excellence women with 
PCOS: A qualitative study.
Sigma Global Excellence $5,000

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