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Access to HCM Peoplsoft System

Here is where you will find step by step guidance for how to determine which access you will need and how to request access to the HCM System.

Access HCM

If you need authorized access to HCM, follow these five steps:

  1. Determine whether you need HR Accessor Payroll Access or both.

HR Access is for general system access (ability to access employee data for a requested departments) and/or HR workflow access. Available HR workflow access covers transactions for duals, affiliates, and students (including student hire), plus HR actions relating to additional pay, job change, and status change.

Payroll Access includes Payroll workflow access (involving the system's Maintain Accounting eForm), Payroll back office roles, and GFM Access.

  1. Attend the required training or view the required recorded webinar(s).

Required for HR Contacts: Attend in-class HR Contact Training. 

Required for Student Hire Representatives: Before you can formally take on the role of Student Hire Representative for your area, you must first complete required training. For additional information visit HR's Student Hire Training Page.

  1. Complete the required access form(s).

There two separate forms for two types of access:
Download the HR Access Form • Download the Payroll Access Form

Save the fillable/savable PDF to your drive or a Network folder before you fill it out.

After completing the form, be sure to gather all applicable signatures.
(Note that these forms are to be used to request access and also to request the removal of access for specified individuals.)

Scan the form and save the file.

  1. Submit the completed access form through the DoIT Service Portal.

Go to the DoIT Service Portal.

Type “HCM” in the “How can we help you?” box.

In the results from your search on "HCM," click on this selection to pull up an online request form. 

Complete the online form: 

  • Under "Options," select Access.
  • Under “HCM Environment(s),” select Production.
  • In the "Additional Comments" box, briefly describe your request.
  • Required: Attach the completed and signed Access form. An attachment is required before you can click the Order Now button.
  • Recommended: If you are submitting both forms (HR Access and Payroll Access), submit each one via a separate service request/ticket.
  • Change the “Preferred Contact Number,” if you prefer a different one.
  • Click the “Order Now” button to submit your request for Access.

You will receive an email confirming that your request has been received – and providing a service ticket number. (See the example on the right.) The email will include a link that you can use to check the status of your service request, and to provide additional information and ask questions as the request is being processed.

  1. Track the status of your request, and provide additional information as needed.

The Controller’s Office training team uses comprehensive training plans incorporating a variety of approaches including self-paced tutorials, full-blown documentation, hands-on training workshops, and recorded webinars. All of the resources below provide guidance on key processes and functions for employees, managers and business managers in the HCM PeopleSoft system.


Training is critical to the successful use of the HCM PeopleSoft System. No matter how much work has gone into analyzing our needs, enhancing business processes, and configuring the system, the ultimate success rests with ensuring that students, faculty, and staff are well-trained users.

Access HCM PeopleSoft Training »

Here you will find step by step guidance for how to request access to the HCM system.

How to request access to HCM »

Request Access to the HCM System

  1. Register for and attend one of the required HR Contact training sessions listed above. Access will not be granted until training is completed.
  2. Complete an HCM HR Access request form [pdf] and have your supervisor or area HR Contact sign as the authorizing signature.
  3. Attach the completed HCM HR Access request form to a ServiceNow request. For instructions on how to submit forms through the DoIT Service Portal, visit the HR and Payroll Website

All access requests go through HR for training verification and data steward approval. You will receive an email once your request has been approved and your access has been updated. You cannot initiate HR related actions in HCM PeopleSoft until the access has been granted.

Faculty/Staff Positions

Information on identifying and hiring employees in a Faculty/Staff position.

Hiring at UofSC

  • Securing Salary Approval
    Whether extending an offer to a new hire, or an employee already within the university, you must first secure salary approval before extending an offer for your vacant position.
  • Disposal of Applicants
    Before any hiring paperwork can be processed, the hiring manager must electronically dispose of all remaining applicants in the USC Jobs system. 
  • HR Toolbox
    Checklists including an employment checklist, background checks, dual employment checklist, post-retirement checklist and special contract checklist are intended to be used in preparing hiring documents for different categories of employment.
  • Employment Eligibility Verification
    Employment eligibility verification must be conducted on all newly-hired employees. At the University of South Carolina, an internet-based verification system called E-Verify is used. Learn about the steps, including how to properly submit an I-9 form.

*The initial payroll is set up when the hiring package is submitted.  If any changes or corrections are to be made, then you would submit either an Account Change or Retro Funding Change form to correct.  For these instructions, please see RESOURCES FOR BUSINESS MANAGERS.

Student Positions

Information on identifying and hiring an employee in a Student position.

The following is a general overview of things to consider when hiring a student employee.

The processes and procedures to select a candidate and extend an offer to student employees vary widely across UofSC. Your college, division or department may have additional requirements or guidelines that you will need to consider and abide by when hiring a student employee.

Quick Tips

  • It is highly recommended that you hire your student employees for the full academic year (August 16 – May 15) and process a separate hire for the summer (May 16 – August 15) as applicable.
  • Visit the training page for more information and step-by-step job aids for initiating student hires.
  • Dates for Work-Study hires differ from other student employees. Please refer to the Federal Work-Study website for the correct dates. 

For General Employee Considerations, Hiring Tips for Special Employment Categories and Required Forms & Actions, see the Human Resources site.

Entering a Student Hire in HCM PeopleSoft
Once the above steps are complete, initiate the Student Hire eForm in HCM PeopleSoft.

Ensure that the hire action is initiated in time to workflow though all required approvals such as Financial Aid, Graduate School, and/or Contracts and Grants and make it to HR Operations within the established HR Document deadline for the upcoming payroll.

If an eFORM is submitted late to HR, a late memo explaining why the action is late and what steps are being taken to prevent future occurrences will be required. This may result in further delays, overpayments and/or underpayments to the student.

Other Useful Resources


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