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Selected Publications

Arjmandi, M., & Behroozmand, R. On the Interplay between Speech Perception and Production: Insights from Research and Theories.Frontiers in Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience, 18, 1347614.

Arjmandi, M. K., Jahn, K. N., & Arenberg, J. G. (2022). Single-Channel Focused Thresholds Relate to Vowel Identification in Pediatric and Adult Cochlear Implant ListenersTrends in Hearing26, 23312165221095364.

Arjmandi, M. K., Herrmann, B. S., Caswell-Midwinter, B., Doney, E. M., & Arenberg, J. G. (2022). A Modified Pediatric Ranked Order Speech Perception Score to Assess Speech Recognition Development in Children With Cochlear ImplantsAmerican Journal of Audiology31(3), 613-632.

Arjmandi, M. K., Houston, D., & Dilley, L. C. (2022). Variability in quantity and quality of early linguistic experience in children with cochlear implants: evidence from analysis of natural auditory environmentsEar and Hearing43(2), 685-698.

Caswell-Midwinter, B., Doney, E. M., Arjmandi, M. K., Jahn, K. N., Herrmann, B. S., & Arenberg, J. G. (2022). The relationship between impedance, programming and word recognition in a large clinical dataset of cochlear implant recipientsTrends in Hearing26, 23312165211060983.

Arjmandi, M., Houston, D., Wang, Y., & Dilley, L. (2021). Estimating the reduced benefit of infant-directed speech in cochlear implant-related speech processingNeuroscience research171, 49-61.

Dilley, L., Lehet, M., Wieland, E. A., Arjmandi, M. K., Kondaurova, M., Wang, Y., ... & Bergeson, T. (2020). Individual differences in mothers' spontaneous infant-directed speech predict language attainment in children with cochlear implantsJournal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research63(7), 2453-2467.

Ghasemzadeh, H., & Arjmandi, M. K. (2019). Toward optimum quantification of pathology-induced noises: An investigation of information missed by human auditory systemIEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing28, 519-528.

Arjmandi, M. K., Dilley, L. C., & Lehet, M. (2018). A comprehensive framework for F0 estimation and sampling in modeling prosodic variation in infant-directed speech. In Proc. 6th International Symposium on Tonal Aspects of Language, 18-20 June 2018, Berlin, Germany.

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