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College of Social Work

Faculty and Staff Directory


Faculty/Staff Name Title Secondary Title Phone Email Keywords Department
Faculty Alexander, Bree, Ph.D., LISW-CP, LCSW-S Assistant Professor/Undergraduate Program Director 803-777-9265
Faculty Anderson, Brandi, LICSW, SSW, CFSW, RYT Director of the I. DeQuincey Newman Institute and Director of Innovative ACCESS (Access, Culture, Community Engagement, and Student Success) 777-2064
Faculty Bell, Nathaniel Director of Research and Evaluation 803-576-6781 IFS/IHPR Institute for Families in Society
Faculty Bosio-McArdle, Jennifer , MSW Lecturer 803-777-0383
Faculty Browne, Teri, Ph.D., MSW Dean Professor 803-777-6258 professor, academic, teri, browne, associate, dean, faculty, research
Staff Carter-Moore, Felissa Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration 803-777-3349 administrative, dean, finance, administration
Staff Cato, Camea, M.Ed. Graduate Academic Advisor 803-777-6492
Faculty Cook, Lana, LMSW Lecturer/Director of Assessment & Compliance 803-777-9469
Staff Cote, Steven Director of Enrollment 803-777-3372 steven, cote, recruiter
Staff Crawford, Kimberly Field Education Placement Manager 803-777-3599
Faculty DeHart, Dana, Ph.D. Research Professor Emerita 803-777-7867 dean, research, professor, dana, dehart
Faculty DiNovo, Rhonda, LMSW Assistant Professor / MSW Program Director Director, Graduate Certificate in Drug and Addiction Studies; and Continuing Education in Psychodiagnostics, Psychopathology and Ethics 803-777-9374 Rhonda, DiNovo, Clinical, Professor, MSW Program Director
Faculty Doering-White, John, Ph.D., MSW Assistant Professor 803-777-7252 Doering-White, College of Social Work, Ph.D., MSW
Staff Eggerud, Jillian, LMSW Enrollment Management Specialist 803-777-9453 enrollment, jillian, eggerud
Staff Epps, Ja-Nae, MASCL Development and Alumni Relations 803-777-7185 development, alumni, events
Faculty Fairweather, Scott, LISW-CP, LCSW, MAC Lecturer 777-7753
Faculty Farber, Naomi, Ph.D., MSW, ACSW Associate Professor 803-777-8816 Naomi, Farber, MSW, Associate, Professor
Faculty Flynn, Cynthia, Ph.D. Research Coordinator Assistant Research Professor 803-777-1378 Cynthia, Flynn, Child, Family, Studies The Center for Child and Family Studies
Faculty Fram, Maryah, Ph.D., MSW Associate Professor 803-777-5945 Maryah, Fram, Professor
Faculty Gowdy, Ann, Ph.D, LISW-CP, MSW Lecturer 777-6993
Faculty Grace, Breanne, Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-9911 Breanne, Grace, Associate, Professor
Faculty Hock, Robert, Ph.D., LMSW Associate Professor 803-777-5861
Staff Hougham, Gwendolyn Grants Administrator 803 777-5292
Faculty Hunter, Stephanie , DSW, LMSW Assistant Professor
Faculty Iachini, Aidyn, Ph.D., MSW, LSW Professor, Associate Dean of Research 803-777-2373 Aidyn, Iachini, Professor
Staff Jackson, Atavia Human Resources Coordinator 803-777-3906 Atavia Jackson, human resources
Staff Johnson, Shania, BS Assistant to the Associate Dean of Curriculum 803.777.9077
Staff Lail, Avril T., LMSW Interim Director of Field Education 803-777-3702
Faculty Levkoff, Sue, ScD, MSW, SM Professor 803-777-4521 Sue, Levkoff, Professor
Staff Lopez-De Fede, Ana, Ph.D Professor and Associate Director, Institute for Families In Society 803-777-5789
Staff Luke, Parthenia Bridge to Faculty Postdoctoral Fellow 777-3701
Staff Malloy, Tamara Assistant to the Dean 803-777-9434
Staff May, Anna, MSW Undergraduate Academic Advisor Instructor, UNIV 150 & 151 803-777-1545
Staff Montgomery, Victoria, MMC Assistant Dean for External Affairs 803-777-9462 victoria, montgomery, executive, assistant, president, AASWSW Dean's Office
Staff Moore, Nicholas Web Communications/Creative Services Manager 803-777-6245
Faculty Morgan, Candice, Ph.D., MSW Assistant Professor Instructor 803-777-9456 Candice Morgan, Greenville, social work, instructor, MSW, coordinator
Staff Morris, Dale Administrative Assistant 803-777-5291 administrative
Staff Osborne, Morgan, MSW Field Education Placement Manager 803-777-9820
Faculty Ottone, Michael, LISW-CP, CPM Senior Instructor Coordinator, Combination Degree Programs and Non-Credit Continuing Education Courses 803-777-5563 Michael, Ottone, Clinical, Instructor
Faculty Owens, Shaun, Ph.D., MPH Associate Professor 803-777-0384 Shaun, Owens, Professor
Faculty Penney, Patrice, MSW, LISW-CP-S, Approved Supervisor Assistant Professor 803-777-9461 Patrice, Penney, Clinical, Professor
Faculty Popa-Mabe, Melania , Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-3906 Melania, Popa-Mabe, clinical, professor
Faculty Roth, Benjamin, Ph.D., MSW Associate Dean for Curriculum 803-777-9352 Benjamin, Roth, Professor
Faculty Seay, Kristen, Ph.D., MSW PhD Program Director 803-777-4221 Kristen, Seay, Professor, associate, ph.d.
Faculty Shapiro, Cheri, Ph.D. Director, Institute for Families in Society Research Associate Professor 803-777-8760 Cheri, Shapiro, Research, Professor
Staff Singleton, Sonya Assistant Dean for Students 803-777-9436 dean, students
Staff Steen, Isabel , LMSW Assistant Director of Development 704-608-9562 development
Staff Strickland, Mary Grace, LMSW Program Recruiter (803)777-9909 recruit, enrollment
Staff Walker, Bianca, MSP, MSFP Graduate Academic Advisor 803-777-9258
Staff White, Stephanie W. Senior Director of Development 803-777-8220
Staff Williams, Brantley IT and Building Coordinator 803-777-9701
Faculty Wilson, Betty L., PhD, MSW Assistant Professor
Faculty Wolfer, Terry, Ph.D., MSW Associate Professor 803-777-9486 Terry, Wolfer, Professor
Faculty Woo, Bongki , Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-3511 Bongki, Woo, professor
Faculty Wooten, Nikki, PhD, LISW-CP Associate Professor Coordinator, Social and Behavioral Health with Military Members, Veterans and Military Families Certificate program 803-777-2973 Nikki, Wooten, Professor
Faculty Wright, Margriet de Zeeuw, Ph.D., MSW Associate Professor MSW Charleston Site Coordinator 803-777-7178 Margriet, de, Zeeuw, Wright, Clinical, Professor, MSW, Charleston, site, coordinator
Faculty Xu, Yanfeng, Ph.D., MSW Assistant Professor 803-777-2215 College of Social Work, Yanfeng, Xu, Ph.D., MSW

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